D3.js in Action (Paperback)

Elijah Meeks

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Crisp, clear graphics are a requirement for any application that presents and interprets data. D3.js is an amazing JavaScript framework that empowers users to create scalable, data-driven graphics ranging from simple charts to fantastic interactive visualizations. Based on the SVG standard, D3 takes the built-in programmability of vector graphics to the extreme. Developers can start with a structure, dataset, or algorithm and programmatically generate static, interactive, or animated images that responsively scale to any screen or web environment.

D3.js in Action is a practical tutorial for creating interactive graphics and data driven applications using D3.js. It prepares readers to integrate D3.js into their web development process and transform any site into a more engaging and sophisticated user experience. The book starts with in-depth explanations of D3's out-of-the-box layouts, along with dozens of practical use cases that align with different types of visualizations. Then, it explores practical techniques for content creation, animation, and representing dynamic data, including interactive graphics and data streamed live over the web. Finally, it shows how to use D3's rich interaction model as the foundation for a complete web application.

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