Microsoft 365 Identity and Services Exam Guide MS-100: Expert tips and techniques to pass the MS-100 exam on the first attempt

Guilmette, Aaron

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  • 出版日期: 2023-06-16
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Gain a comprehensive grasp on the key objectives to pass the MS-100 exam, reinforced with practice questions throughout the book

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Key Features:

  • Plan and implement Azure AD identity, including your choice of authentication strategy and securing access
  • Configure core features such as self-service password reset and Azure AD identity protection
  • Work with self-assessment questions, exam tips, and practice tests based on the latest exam blueprint

Book Description:

This book serves as a comprehensive guide to prepare you for the Microsoft Identity and Services exam, which focuses on the core identity and security aspects of a Microsoft 365 tenant. The exam MS-100 tests your proficiency in Azure AD authentication types, user management roles, access management, and workload applications.

This book follows the published MS-100 blueprint, which covers identity and identity synchronization concepts, administrative roles, and crucial security topics such as self-service password reset, Azure AD password protection, and multifactor authentication. You'll gain insights into application and authentication concepts, including OAuth application request management, enterprise application configuration, the benefits of Azure AD Application Proxy, and deploying Microsoft 365 apps.

The book also delves into passwordless sign-in methods and provides overviews of configuring Exchange Online, Microsoft Teams, SharePoint Online, and OneDrive for Business in both cloud-only and hybrid deployments. You'll be able to assess your knowledge retention at the end of each chapter.

By the end of this MS-100 study guide, you'll have built the knowledge and skills to pass the MS-100 exam and be able to ensure thorough preparation with the help of practice exam questions.

What You Will Learn:

  • Build your knowledge to effectively plan a Microsoft 365 tenant
  • Examine and monitor health metrics in the Microsoft 365 environment
  • Select an authentication model that aligns with both business and security requirements
  • Implement App Proxy, enterprise applications, and SAML integration
  • Configure Exchange Online and Exchange hybrid scenarios
  • Deploy the Microsoft 365 Apps seamlessly in your organization
  • Explore the core features of SharePoint Online, OneDrive, and Teams

Who this book is for:

Designed for both intermediate and experienced administrators, as well as individuals preparing to take the MS-100 exam, this book caters to those pursuing standalone achievement or aspiring to attain the Microsoft 365 Certified: Enterprise Administrator Expert certification. A foundational understanding of Microsoft 365 services and associated technologies is expected.




- 計劃和實施Azure AD身份,包括您選擇的身份驗證策略和安全訪問
- 配置核心功能,如自助密碼重置和Azure AD身份保護
- 使用最新的考試藍圖,進行自我評估問題、考試提示和練習測試

本書是一本全面指南,旨在為您準備Microsoft Identity and Services考試,該考試侧重於Microsoft 365租戶的核心身份和安全方面。MS-100考試測試您在Azure AD身份驗證類型、用戶管理角色、訪問管理和工作負載應用方面的熟練程度。

本書遵循已發布的MS-100藍圖,涵蓋身份和身份同步概念、管理角色以及自助密碼重置、Azure AD密碼保護和多因素身份驗證等重要安全主題。您將獲得有關應用程序和身份驗證概念的見解,包括OAuth應用程序請求管理、企業應用程序配置、Azure AD應用程序代理的好處以及部署Microsoft 365應用程序。

本書還深入探討了無密碼登錄方法,並提供了在僅雲端和混合部署中配置Exchange Online、Microsoft Teams、SharePoint Online和OneDrive for Business的概述。您將能夠在每章結束時評估自己的知識保留情況。


- 建立知識以有效規劃Microsoft 365租戶
- 檢查和監控Microsoft 365環境中的健康指標
- 選擇與業務和安全要求相符的身份驗證模型
- 實施App Proxy、企業應用程序和SAML集成
- 配置Exchange Online和Exchange混合方案
- 在組織中無縫部署Microsoft 365應用程序
- 探索SharePoint Online、OneDrive和Teams的核心功能

本書旨在為中級和有經驗的管理員以及準備參加MS-100考試的個人提供服務,適用於追求獨立成就或希望獲得Microsoft 365 Certified: Enterprise Administrator Expert認證的人。預期具備對Microsoft 365服務及相關技術的基礎理解。