Deploying SharePoint Server Hybrid: Exam MS-301 Guide: Expert tips, techniques, and best practices to pass the MS-301 exam on the first attempt

Aaron Guilmette

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Discover expert guidance to achieve the Microsoft 365 Certified Teamwork Administrator Associate certification and become proficient in working with SharePoint Server hybrid configuration

Key Features

  • Discover how to deploy, configure, and administer the SharePoint ecosystem
  • Learn how to map traditional Microsoft services to a cloud-services model
  • Understand the security and governance requirements and configurations of your organization

Book Description

The Microsoft MS-301 exam validates the knowledge and skills you need for deploying, configuring, and managing SharePoint Server and SharePoint Hybrid, as well as migrating to SharePoint Online.

This SharePoint book offers complete, up-to-date coverage of the MS-301 exam syllabus, helping you take the exam with confidence, fully equipped to pass the first time. With the help of clear and succinct explanations, self-assessment questions, tips, and mock exams with detailed answers, this book covers the configuration of SharePoint Server and SharePoint Hybrid and the process of migrating to SharePoint Online. This study guide is divided into three modules. The first two modules focus on strategies and techniques to configure and manage SharePoint on-premises and hybrid scenarios, where you'll get to grips with essential concepts relating to SharePoint deployments, such as authentication, Business Connectivity Services (BCS), and the data gateway. The third module will take you through migration methods and strategies. Each chapter includes practice questions to test your knowledge of the concepts covered.

By the end of this book, you'll have learned everything you need to pass the MS-301 certification exam, and you'll be able to use this reference guide for your administration tasks.

What you will learn

  • Understand the collaborative features of SharePoint Server technologies
  • Deploy and configure SharePoint Server 2019
  • Configure and manage site collections and hub site settings and security
  • Use migration tools in SharePoint to manage data migration
  • Explore BCS for working with external data sources
  • Get to grips with different types of authentication available in SharePoint Online

Who this book is for

The book is for intermediate administrators who want to pass the MS-301 exam and achieve the Microsoft 365 Certified: Teamwork Administrator Associate certification. Anyone looking to learn about deploying, configuring, and administering SharePoint, OneDrive, and Teams will find this book useful. The book assumes a working knowledge of popular Microsoft services and a basic understanding of working with the SharePoint ecosystem.


探索專家指導,以獲得 Microsoft 365 Certified Teamwork Administrator Associate 認證,並熟練處理 SharePoint Server 混合配置


  • 了解如何部署、配置和管理 SharePoint 生態系統

  • 學習如何將傳統的 Microsoft 服務映射到雲服務模型

  • 瞭解組織的安全性和治理要求和配置


Microsoft MS-301 考試驗證了您在部署、配置和管理 SharePoint Server 和 SharePoint Hybrid,以及遷移到 SharePoint Online 所需的知識和技能。

這本 SharePoint 書籍完整而最新地涵蓋了 MS-301 考試大綱,幫助您充滿信心地參加考試,並準備一次通過。通過清晰簡明的解釋、自我評估問題、提示和帶有詳細答案的模擬考試,本書涵蓋了 SharePoint Server 和 SharePoint Hybrid 的配置以及遷移到 SharePoint Online 的過程。本學習指南分為三個模塊。前兩個模塊專注於配置和管理 SharePoint 在本地和混合場景的策略和技術,您將瞭解與 SharePoint 部署相關的基本概念,例如身份驗證、業務連接服務(BCS)和數據網關。第三個模塊將帶您了解遷移方法和策略。每個章節都包含練習問題,以測試您對所涵蓋概念的理解。

通過閱讀本書,您將學到通過 MS-301 認證考試所需的一切,並且您將能夠將此參考指南用於您的管理任務。


  • 瞭解 SharePoint Server 技術的協作功能

  • 部署和配置 SharePoint Server 2019

  • 配置和管理站點集合、中樞站點設置和安全性

  • 使用 SharePoint 中的遷移工具來管理數據遷移

  • 探索與外部數據源合作的 BCS

  • 熟悉 SharePoint Online 中可用的不同類型的身份驗證


本書適合中級管理員,他們希望通過 MS-301 考試並獲得 Microsoft 365 Certified: Teamwork Administrator Associate 認證。任何希望了解部署、配置和管理 SharePoint、OneDrive 和 Teams 的人都會發現本書有用。本書假設讀者具有流行的 Microsoft 服務的工作知識和基本的 SharePoint 生態系統操作理解能力。


Aaron Guilmette, a Teams technical specialist at Microsoft, provides guidance and assistance to customers adopting the Microsoft 365 platform. He primarily focuses on collaborative technologies, including Microsoft SharePoint Online, Microsoft Exchange, and Microsoft Teams. He also works with identity and scripting solutions.

He has been involved with technology since 1998 and has provided consulting services for customers in the commercial, educational, and government sectors internationally. Aaron has also worked with technical certification exams and instructional design for Microsoft and other organizations.


Aaron Guilmette 是微軟的 Teams 技術專家,為採用 Microsoft 365 平台的客戶提供指導和協助。他主要專注於協作技術,包括 Microsoft SharePoint Online、Microsoft Exchange 和 Microsoft Teams。他還與身份和腳本解決方案合作。

自 1998 年以來,他一直從事技術工作,並為商業、教育和政府部門的客戶提供諮詢服務。Aaron 也曾與微軟和其他組織合作,參與技術認證考試和教學設計。


Table of Contents

  1. Overview of SharePoint Server 2019
  2. Planning a SharePoint Farm
  3. Manage and Maintain a SharePoint Farm
  4. Implement Authentication
  5. Manage Site Collections
  6. Plan and Configure Business Connectivity Services
  7. Planning and Configuring Managed Metadata
  8. Manage Search
  9. Overview of SharePoint Hybrid
  10. Plan a Hybrid Configuration and Topology
  11. Implement Hybrid Teamwork Artifacts
  12. Implement a Hybrid Search Service Application
  13. Implement a Data Gateway
  14. Overview of the Migration Process
  15. Migrate Data and Content
  16. Assessment Answers



  1. SharePoint Server 2019 概述

  2. 規劃 SharePoint 農場

  3. 管理和維護 SharePoint 農場

  4. 實施身份驗證

  5. 管理網站集合

  6. 規劃和配置商務連接服務

  7. 規劃和配置管理的詞彙

  8. 管理搜尋

  9. SharePoint 混合模式概述

  10. 規劃混合配置和拓撲

  11. 實施混合協作工具

  12. 實施混合搜尋服務應用程式

  13. 實施資料閘道

  14. 遷移流程概述

  15. 遷移資料和內容

  16. 評估答案