Learning HTML5 by Creating Fun Games

Rodrigo Silveira

  • 出版商: Packt Publishing
  • 出版日期: 2013-05-23
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  • 語言: 英文
  • 頁數: 374
  • 裝訂: Paperback
  • ISBN: 1849696020
  • ISBN-13: 9781849696029
  • 相關分類: HTML
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Learning should be fun, especially when it comes to getting to grips with HTML5. Each chapter of this book teaches a new concept of HTML5 by helping you develop a relevant game. It’s education without the effort.


  • Learn the basics of this emerging technology and have fun doing it
  • Unleash the new and exciting features and APIs of HTML5
  • Create responsive games that can be played on a browser and on a mobile device

In Detail

HTML is fast, secure, responsive, interactive, and stunningly beautiful. It lets you target the largest number of devices and browsers with the least amount of effort. Working with the latest technologies is always fun and with a rapidly growing mobile market, it is a new and exciting place to be.

"Learning HTML5 by Creating Fun Games" takes you through the journey of learning HTML5 right from setting up the environment to creating fully-functional games. It will help you explore the basics while you work through the whole book with the completion of each game.

"Learning HTML5 by Creating Fun Games" takes a very friendly approach to teaching fun, silly games for the purpose of giving you a thorough grounding in HTML5. The book has only as much theory as it has to, often in tip boxes, with most of the information explaining how to create HTML5 canvas games. You will be assisted with lots of simple steps with screenshots building towards silly but addictive games.

The book introduces you to HTML5 by helping you understand the setup and the underlying environment. As you start building your first game that is a typography game, you understand the significance of elements used in game development such as input types, web forms, and so on.We will see how to write a modern browser-compatible code while creating a basic Jelly Wobbling Game. Each game introduces you to an advanced topic such as vector graphics, native audio manipulation, and dragging-and-dropping. In the later section of the book, you will see yourself developing the famous snake game using requestAnimationFrame along with the canvas API, and enhancing it further with web messaging, web storage, and local storage. The last game of this book, a 2D Space shooter game, will then help you understand mobile design considerations.

What you will learn from this book

  • Understand why the open web is the best platform to develop for
  • Set up a local web development environment
  • Create DOM-based games such as a typography game using semantic HTML5 tags and CSS3 features
  • Use the new canvas element to create a 2D space shooter game
  • Discover writing portable code while developing a basic Jelly Wobbling Gravity Game
  • Create animations using RequestAninmationFrame while improvising the Snake game.
  • Make your games portable across desktop and mobile devices
  • Get started with WebGL for 3D game development, and with other upcoming HTML5 features and APIs


By teaching HTML5 by developing exciting games, the reader will see concrete applications for each of the concepts, and will also have a powerful deliverable at the end of each chapter – a fully functional game. We learn the various concepts using very abstract examples – how to model animals, foods, or fictitious machines. This makes learning and understanding a lot easier, and much more enjoyable.

Who this book is written for

If you are are looking to get a good grounding in how to use the new awesome technology that is HTML5, this book is for you. Basic knowledge of HTML and/or HTML5 is welcome, but optional. The book is a friendly and exciting reference for beginners.



- 學習這項新興技術,並且在學習過程中玩得開心
- 發揮HTML5的新功能和API的潛力
- 創建可以在瀏覽器和移動設備上遊玩的響應式遊戲




本書通過幫助您了解設置和底層環境來介紹HTML5。在開始建立第一個遊戲(一個字體遊戲)時,您將了解遊戲開發中使用的元素的重要性,例如輸入類型、網頁表單等。我們將看到如何在創建基本的果凍晃動遊戲時編寫現代瀏覽器兼容的代碼。每個遊戲都會介紹一個高級主題,例如矢量圖形、本地音頻操作和拖放。在本書的後半部分,您將使用requestAnimationFrame和canvas API開發著名的貪吃蛇遊戲,並通過Web消息、Web存儲和本地存儲進一步增強遊戲。本書的最後一個遊戲是一個2D太空射擊遊戲,將幫助您了解移動設計考慮因素。

- 瞭解為什麼開放網絡是最好的開發平台
- 設置本地網絡開發環境
- 使用語義化HTML5標籤和CSS3功能創建基於DOM的遊戲,如字體遊戲
- 使用新的canvas元素創建2D太空射擊遊戲
- 在開發基本的果凍晃動重力遊戲時,了解如何編寫可移植代碼
- 使用RequestAninmationFrame創建動畫,同時改進貪吃蛇遊戲
- 使您的遊戲在桌面和移動設備上可移植
- 開始使用WebGL進行3D遊戲開發,以及其他即將推出的HTML5功能和API


- 如果您想獲得如何使用令人驚艷的新技術HTML5的良好基礎,這本書適合您
- 歡迎具備HTML和/或HTML5的基礎知識,但這不是必需的。本書對初學者來說是一本友好且令人興奮的參考書。