Cult of Analytics: Driving online marketing strategies using web analytics (Paperback)

Steve Jackson


If you want to understand and get true value from your online content you need to understand how it is used by your customers. If you work with web analytics and online search optimization, this book will provide you with the tools and insight you need to do just that.

Even more, it will give you an actionable plan to transform the culture of your organization into one that uses web analytics on a daily basis, focusing on real changes you can make to your department and processes to transform the way your business works.

With examples from dozens of companies ranging from small businesses, to consumer sites like Amazon, to some of the largest companies in the world including Tesco and Google, Cult of Analytics demonstrates just how to apply web analytics to your business.

* Unique: demand from marketers for a guide to building web analytics into business * Real-world examples show what does and doesn't work online to meet online business objectives * Covers both the technicalities of web analytics and the strategy behind using them in one handy guide to give marketers the complete picture




《Cult of Analytics》通過數十家公司的實例,從小型企業到像亞馬遜這樣的消費者網站,再到包括Tesco和Google在內的全球最大公司,展示了如何將網路分析應用於您的業務。

* 獨特:市場營銷人員對於建立網路分析指南的需求
* 真實世界的例子展示了在線上實現業務目標的成功與失敗
* 本書涵蓋了網路分析的技術性和背後的策略,為市場營銷人員提供了完整的圖景