Designing a Wireless Network

Jeffrey Wheat, Randy Hiser, Jackie Tucker, Alicia Neely, Andy McCullough

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Wireless network design presents the IT professional with unique obstacles. Your network requires the seamless and secure distribution of information, in spite of competing communication protocols, incompatible hardware platforms, and narrow bandwidths. This book is an introduction to developing efficient means of wireless transport in order to fully leverage wireless technologies.

1. You don't have to be a physicist to understand wireless network technology But you need to know the basics of radio, cellular, infrared, and satellite

2. Design for optimal use of IP Addresses
Approximately 60,000 logical port numbers can be associated with one external IP address. That means 60,000 different TCP sessions occurring simultaneously!

3. Master the basics of wireless local area networks (WLANs) and the 802.11 protocol suite
The three primary areas of discussion are fixed wireless, mobile wireless, and optical wireless technology.

4. Coverage of wireless technology from the perspective of the service provider
Includes discussion of Multichannel Multipoint Distribution Service (MMDS), Local Multipoint Distribution Service (LMDS), and Wireless Local Loop (WLL).

5. Developing WLANs through the IEEE 802.11 Architecture
Includes coverage if the access point (AP), the wireless medium, the distribution system (DS), the basic service set (BSS), the extended service set (ESS), and station and distribution services.

6. Developing WPANs through the 802.15 Architecture.
The increasing number of telecommuters and small office/home office (SOHO) users is driving the demand for this section of the wireless industry.

7.Learn about the Bluetooth protocol
See how the success of the Bluetooth technology can offer up low-cost implementation

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Introduction to Wireless: From Past to Present

Chapter 2 Radio Elements and Frequency Spectrums

Chapter 3 TCP/IP and the OSI Model

Chapter 4 Identifying Evolving Wireless Technologies and Standards

Chapter 5 Designing a Wireless Network

Chapter 6 Designing a Wireless Enterprise Network: Hospital Case Study

Chapter 7 Designing a Wirelss Industrial Network: Retail Case Study

Chapter 8 Designing a Wireless Campus Network: University Case Study

Chapter 9 Designing a Wireless Home Netork: Home Office Case Study




1. 您不需要成為物理學家才能理解無線網路技術,但您需要了解無線電、蜂窩、紅外線和衛星的基礎知識。

2. 設計最佳使用IP位址的方法。一個外部IP位址可以關聯大約60,000個邏輯埠號。這意味著可以同時進行60,000個不同的TCP連線!

3. 掌握無線區域網路(WLAN)和802.11協議套件的基礎知識。主要討論領域包括固定無線、移動無線和光學無線技術。

4. 從服務提供者的角度介紹無線技術。包括多通道多點分配服務(MMDS)、本地多點分配服務(LMDS)和無線本地迴路(WLL)的討論。

5. 通過IEEE 802.11架構開發無線區域網路(WLAN)。包括接入點(AP)、無線媒介、分配系統(DS)、基本服務集(BSS)、擴展服務集(ESS)以及站點和分配服務的介紹。

6. 通過802.15架構開發無線個人區域網路(WPAN)。遞增的遠程工作者和小型辦公室/家庭辦公室(SOHO)用戶對這一無線行業的需求不斷增加。

7. 了解藍牙協議。看看藍牙技術的成功如何提供低成本的實施方案。

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第1章 無線網路介紹:從過去到現在

第2章 無線電元件和頻譜

第3章 TCP/IP和OSI模型