Bitter Java (Paperback)

Bruce Tate

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  • 語言: 英文
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  • ISBN-13: 9781930110434
  • 相關分類: Java 程式語言
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It is a well-known fact that most software projects fail. Drawing important lessons from common failures is the goal of Bitter Java.

Reusing design patterns is not enough for success: patterns are like partial maps of dangerous terrain. They help, but don't prevent you from getting lost. Bitter Java teaches you how to recognize when you are lost, and how to get back on the right path. It illustrates common pitfalls of Java programming through code examples; it then refactors the code and explains why the new solutions are safe.

This book is a systematic account of common server-side Java programming mistakes, their causes and solutions. It covers antipatterns for base Java and J2EE concepts such as Servlets, JSPs, EJBs, enterprise connection models, and scalability. If you are an intermediate Java programmer, analyst or architect eager to avoid the bitter experiences of others, this book is for you.

After studying antipatterns in this book such as:

  • Round-tripping
  • The magic servlet
  • The cacheless cow
  • Performance thrashing

Šyou will be standing on the shoulders of those who failed before you.

Table of Contents

Part 1 The basics 1

1 Bitter tales 3
2 The bitter landscape 23

Part 2 Server-side Java antipatterns 51

3 Bitter servlets 53
4 Bitter JSPs 81
5 Bitter cache management 107
6 Bitter memories 143
7 Bitter connections and coupling 171
8 Bitter beans 207
Part 3 The big picture 249
9 Bitter hygiene 251
10 Bitter scalability 283
11 Sweet parting thoughts 311
A Cross-references of antipatterns 319   
bibliography 329
index 333


大多數軟體專案失敗是眾所周知的事實。《Bitter Java》的目標是從常見的失敗中獲取重要的教訓。
僅僅重複使用設計模式並不足以取得成功:模式就像是危險地形的部分地圖。它們有所幫助,但無法防止你迷失方向。《Bitter Java》教導你如何識別自己迷失了方向,以及如何重新找到正確的道路。它通過代碼示例說明了Java編程的常見陷阱,然後對代碼進行重構,並解釋了新解決方案的安全性。
- Round-tripping(往返)
- The magic servlet(神奇的Servlet)
- The cacheless cow(無緩存的牛)
- Performance thrashing(性能損耗)
第一部分 基礎知識
1. 苦澀的故事
2. 苦澀的景觀

第二部分 服務器端Java反模式
3. 苦澀的Servlets
4. 苦澀的JSPs
5. 苦澀的緩存管理
6. 苦澀的記憶體
7. 苦澀的連接和耦合
8. 苦澀的Beans

第三部分 大局觀
9. 苦澀的衛生習慣
10. 苦澀的可擴展性
11. 甜蜜的告別思緒
A. 反模式的交叉引用