Domain-Driven Design Using Naked Objects (Paperback)

Dan Haywood

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  • 出版日期: 2010-01-01
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  • 語言: 英文
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  • 裝訂: Paperback
  • ISBN: 1934356441
  • ISBN-13: 9781934356449
  • 相關分類: Domain-Driven Design
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Domain-driven design (DDD) focuses on what matters in enterprise applications: the core business domain. Using object-oriented principles, you can develop a domain model that all team members-including business experts and technical specialists-can understand. Even better, this model is directly related to the underlying implementation.

But if you've tried building a domain-driven application then you'll know that applying the DDD principles is easier said than done. Naked Objects, an open-source Java framework, lets you build working applications simply by writing the core domain classes. Naked Objects automatically renders your domain object in a generic viewer--either rich client or HTML. You can use its integration with Fitnesse to test-drive the development of your application, story-by-story. And once developed, you can deploy your application either to the full Naked Objects runtime, or within your existing application infrastructure.

In this book, Dan Haywood first gives you the tools to represent your domain as plain old Java objects, expressing business rules both declaratively and imperatively. Next, you'll learn the techniques to deepen your design while keeping it maintainable as the scope of your application grows. Finally, you'll walk through the development practices needed to implement your domain applications, taking in testing, deployment, and extending Naked Objects itself. Throughout the book, you'll build a complete sample application, learning key DDD principles as you work through the application step by step. Every chapter ends with exercises to gain further experience in your own projects.

Through its focus on the core business domain, DDD delivers value to your business stakeholders, and Naked Objects makes using DDD easy to accomplish. Using Naked Objects, you'll be ready in no time to build fully featured domain-driven applications.



但是,如果您嘗試過構建領域驅動應用程序,那麼您就會知道應用DDD原則並不容易。Naked Objects是一個開源的Java框架,它允許您僅通過編寫核心領域類來構建工作應用程序。Naked Objects會自動將您的領域對象呈現在通用的查看器中,可以是豐富客戶端或HTML。您可以使用它與Fitnesse的集成來測試驅動應用程序的開發,逐個故事進行。開發完成後,您可以將應用程序部署到完整的Naked Objects運行時,或者在現有的應用程序基礎設施中部署。

在這本書中,Dan Haywood首先為您提供了將領域表示為普通的Java對象的工具,以聲明和命令式的方式表達業務規則。接下來,您將學習在應用程序範圍擴大的同時加深設計的技巧,同時保持可維護性。最後,您將通過開發實踐來實現領域應用程序,包括測試、部署和擴展Naked Objects本身。在整本書中,您將逐步構建一個完整的示例應用程序,並在工作過程中學習關鍵的DDD原則。每章結束時都有練習,以在自己的項目中獲得更多經驗。

通過專注於核心業務領域,DDD為您的業務利益相關者提供價值,而Naked Objects使使用DDD變得容易實現。使用Naked Objects,您將很快準備好構建功能完整的領域驅動應用程序。