Aditya Bagchi


This volume contains articles written by leading researchers in the fields of algorithms, architectures, and information systems security. The first five chapters address several challenging geometric problems and related algorithms. These topics have major applications in pattern recognition, image analysis, digital geometry, surface reconstruction, computer vision and in robotics. The next five chapters focus on various optimization issues in VLSI design and test architectures, and in wireless networks. The last six chapters comprise scholarly articles on information systems security covering privacy issues, access control, enterprise and network security, and digital image forensics.

Contents: Euclidean Shortest Paths in a Simple Polygon (F Li & R Klette); Theory of a Practical Delaunay Meshing Algorithm for a Large Class of Domains (S-W Cheng et al.); Families of Convex Sets not Representable by Points (J Pach & G Tóth); Some Generalizations of Least-Squares Algorithms (T Asano et al.); On Depth Recovery from Gradient Vector Fields (T Wei & R Klette); Convolutional Compactors for Guaranteed 6-Bit Error Detection (F Börner et al.); Low-Energy Pattern Generator for Random Testing (B B Bhattacharya et al.); New Methodologies for Congestion Estimation and Reduction (T Taghavi & M Sarrafzadeh); Multimedia Channel Assignment in Cellular Networks (B P Sinha & G K Audhya); Range Assignment Problem in Wireless Network (G K Das et al.); Privacy in the Electronic Society: Emerging Problems and Solutions (C A Ardagna et al.); Risk-Based Access Control for Personal Data Services (S A Chun & V Atluri); Topological Vulnerability Analysis (S Jajodia & S Noel); New Malicious Code Detection Using Variable Length n-Grams (S K Dash et al.); Overview of State-of-the-Art in Digital Image Forensics (H T Sencar & N Memon); Privacy Preserving Web-Based Email (K Butler et al.).