Master Data Management and Customer Data Integration for a Global Enterprise

Alex Berson, Larry Dubov

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  • 出版日期: 2007-05-24
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Transform your business into a customer-centric enterprise 

Gain a complete and timely understanding of your customers using MDM-CDI and the real-world information contained in this comprehensive volume. Master Data Management and Customer Data Integration for a Global Enterprise explains how to grow revenue, reduce administrative costs, and improve client retention by adopting a customer-focused business framework.

Learn to build and use customer hubs and associated technologies, secure and protect confidential corporate and customer information, provide personalized services, and set up an effective data governance team. You'll also get full details on regulatory compliance and the latest pre-packaged MDM-CDI software solutions.

  • Design and implement a dynamic MDM-CDI architecture that fits the needs of your business
  • Implement MDM-CDI holistically as an integrated multi-disciplinary set of technologies, services, and processes
  • Improve solution agility and flexibility using SOA and Web services
  • Recognize customers and their relationships with the enterprise across channels and lines of business
  • Ensure compliance with local, state, federal, and international regulations 
  • Deploy network, perimeter, platform, application, data, and user-level security
  • Protect against identity and data theft, worm infection, and phishing and pharming scams
  • Create an Enterprise Information Governance Group
  • Perform development, QA, and business acceptance testing and data verification

Table of Contents

Part I. Introduction to Master Data Management and Customer Data Integration
Chapter 1. Overview of Master Data Management and Customer Data Integration
Chapter 2. CDI: Overview of Market Drivers and Key Challenges
Chapter 3. Challenges, Concerns, and Risks of Moving Toward Customer Centricity
Part II. Architectural Considerations
Chapter 4. CDI Architecture and Data Hub Components
Chapter 5. Architecting for Customer Data Integration
Chapter 6. Data Management Concerns of MDM/CDI Architecture
Part III. Data Security, Privacy, and Regulatory Compliance
Chapter 7. Overview of Risk Management for Integrated Customer Information
Chapter 8. Introduction to Information Security and Identity Management
Chapter 9. Protecting Content for Secure Master Data Management
Chapter 10. Enterprise Security and Data Visibility in Master Data Management Environments
Part IV. Implementing Customer Data Integration for the Enterprise
Chapter 11. Project Initiation
Chapter 12. Customer Identification
Chapter 13. Beyond Party Match: Merge, Split, Party Groups, and Relationships
Chapter 14. Data Governance, Standards, Information Quality, and Validation
Chapter 15. Data Synchronization
Chapter 16. Additional Implementation Considerations
Part V. Master Data Management: Market, Trends, and Directions
Chapter 17. MDM/CDI Vendors and Products Landscape
Chapter 18. Where Do We Go From Here?
Appendix A. List of Acronyms
Appendix B. Glossary
Appendix C. Regulations and Compliance Rules Impacting Master Data Management and Customer Data Integration Projects