Peter van der Linden's Guide to Linux

Peter van der Linden

  • 出版商: Prentice Hall
  • 出版日期: 2005-08-18
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  • 語言: 英文
  • 頁數: 640
  • 裝訂: Paperback
  • ISBN: 0131872842
  • ISBN-13: 9780131872844
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Table of Contents:



About the Author.

1. Hello Linux.

    Why Linux Now?

    Windows Woes.

    Advantages and Disadvantages of Linux.

    Linux Background.

    GNU/Linux Distributions.

    The Linspire Distro.

    The Significance of Open Source Software.

    What Next for Uncle Josh.

    What Next for You.

2. Running the Linux Live CD.

    Getting Started.

    System Requirements for Running the Live CD.

    How a Live CD Works.

    Booting and Running Linspire from the Live CD.

    Getting Help.

3. The KDE Desktop.

    Getting Started.

    Different Operating Systems, Similar GUIs.

    GUIs Are Mature Technology.

    Introduction to the KDE Desktop.

    The KDE Panel.

    How Your Folders Are Organized in KDE.

    Using the Konqueror File Manager.

    Advanced KDE Techniques.

    Making Better Use of Screen Real Estate.

    Linux and X Window.

    Help Menus and More Information.

4. Onto the Net.

    Getting Started.

    Bringing the Internet to Your Home.

    Networking Inside Your Home.

    Alternative 1: A Wired Ethernet Connection.

    Alternative 2: A Wireless Ethernet Connection.

    Alternative 3: A Dial-Up Network Connection.

5. All About Email.

    Getting Started.

    Using Web-Based Mail.

    Using a Standalone Mail Program.

    Setting Up Mozilla Email.

    Using Other Email Clients.

    Junk Mail Control.


6. Web Tools.

    Getting Started.

    Firefox Browser.

    Nvu Web Page Editor.

7. Adding Software.

    Getting Started.

    Introducing Linspire's Click-N-Run.

    Linux Packages.

    Using Debian's Advanced Packaging Tool.

    Adding a Menu Item for a New Application.

    Compiling and Installing Software from Source Code.

    Building from Source: GNU Privacy Guard Application.

8. More Applications.

    Getting Started.


    Instant Messenger.

    Lphoto and Digital Photography.

9. Filesystems and Optical Storage (CDs and DVDs).

    Getting Started.

    Filesystems and How to Mount Them.

    Reading Data CDs and Creating Device Icons.

    Burning Data CDs.

    Burning an Image or ISO File.

    Playing Music CDs.

    Rip, Mix, Burn-Creating Music CDs!

    Playing Movie DVDs.

    Making a Backup Copy of a Movie DVD.

    Sound and Burner Troubleshooting.

10. Sharing on Your Local Network.

    Introduction to Workgroup Networking.

    Shortcut: Sharing Files Without a Network.

    Setting Up Windows Workgroup Networking.

    Setting Up Windows Clients.

    Setting Up Linux Clients.

    Setting Up Print Servers.

    Remote Desktop Sharing.

11. Keeping Your Data Private.

    Why This Information Is Important.

    Who Me, Do Encryption?

    Before You Begin.

    Introducing GNU Privacy Guard.

    Basics of Public Key Encryption.

    Creating Your Own GPG Key.

    Encrypting Files.

    Using Key Management.

    Limitations of Encryption.

    Summary of Common gpg Commands.

    Encrypting Email.


12. Installation and Boot.

    Getting Started.

    Linux with Zero Effort: Buying Linux Preinstalled.

    Installation Checklist.

    Downloading Your Linux Distro and Burning It to CD.

    What Happens During an Installation.

    More About Disk Partitions.

    Choosing Whether to Dual Boot.

    Choice A-Wiping Out Windows.

    Choice B-Putting Linux on a Separate Disk.

    Choice C-Advanced Installation for Dual Boot.

    What Happens During a Boot.

    Linspire Installation.

    Post-Installation Setup.

    Troubleshooting After Installation.

    System Administration Know-How.

    The End, and the Beginning: Going Forward With Linux.

Appendix A: Malicious Windows Software.

    Windows Viruses Are Getting More Dangerous.

    More About Backdoors.

    Windows Web Servers Penetrated Worldwide.

Appendix B: Making Your Hardware Obey You-BIOS and Device Drivers.

    Troubleshooting BIOS.

    Troubleshooting Balky Devices.

    Checking Hardware for Linux Compatibility.

Appendix C: Sample Output from Wifi Network Commands.

Appendix D: Commands for the Command Line.

    Getting Started.

    About Commands Generally.

    Working with Files.

    Working with Folders.

    Working with Samba.

    Sharing Folders That Aren't Under /root.

    Filesystem Utilities.

    The Most Powerful Part of Linux (Not Included).

Appendix E: Disk Basics and Partitioning.

    Partition Overview.

    Reducing the Size of the Windows Partition.

    Creating a Linux Partition.

    Restoring the Windows MBR.

    GRUB Procedures.

Appendix F: Troubleshooting with Strace.

    Using Strace (For Experts Only).

    The Corresponding Source Code of "touchc".

    Where to Find Linux Source Code.

    Finding the Pathname for a GUI Application.


About the CD.