Power Integrity for I/O Interfaces: With Signal Integrity/ Power Integrity Co-Design (美國原版)

Vishram S. Pandit, Woong Hwan Ryu, Myoung Joon Choi



Foreword by Joungho Kim


The Hands-On Guide to Power Integrity in Advanced Applications, from Three Industry Experts


In this book, three industry experts introduce state-of-the-art power integrity design techniques for today’s most advanced digital systems, with real-life, system-level examples. They introduce a powerful approach to unifying power and signal integrity design that can identify signal impediments earlier, reducing cost and improving reliability.


After introducing high-speed, single-ended and differential I/O interfaces, the authors describe on-chip, package, and PCB power distribution networks (PDNs) and signal networks, carefully reviewing their interactions. Next, they walk through end-to-end PDN and signal network design in frequency domain, addressing crucial parameters such as self and transfer impedance. They thoroughly address modeling and characterization of on-chip components of PDNs and signal networks, evaluation of power-to-signal coupling coefficients, analysis of Simultaneous Switching Output (SSO) noise, and many other topics.


Coverage includes

• The exponentially growing challenge of I/O power integrity in high-speed digital systems

• PDN noise analysis and its timing impact for single-ended and differential interfaces

• Concurrent design and co-simulation techniques for evaluating all power integrity effects on signal integrity

• Time domain gauges for designing and optimizing components and systems

• Power/signal integrity interaction mechanisms, including power noise coupling onto signal trace and noise amplification through signal resonance

• Performance impact due to Inter Symbol Interference (ISI), crosstalk, and SSO noise, as well as their interactions

• Validation techniques, including low impedance VNA measurements, power noise measurements, and characterization of power-to-signal coupling effects


Power Integrity for I/O Interfaces will be an indispensable resource for everyone concerned with power integrity in cutting-edge digital designs, including system design and hardware engineers, signal and power integrity engineers, graduate students, and researchers.






• 高速數字系統中I/O電源完整性的指數級增長挑戰

• 單端和差分接口的PDN噪聲分析及其對時序的影響

• 同時設計和協同模擬技術,用於評估所有電源完整性對信號完整性的影響

• 設計和優化元件和系統的時域評估方法

• 電源噪聲對信號追蹤的耦合和信號共振引起的噪聲放大等電源/信號完整性相互作用機制

• 由間符號干擾(ISI)、串擾和SSO噪聲引起的性能影響,以及它們之間的相互作用

• 驗證技術,包括低阻抗VNA測量、電源噪聲測量和功率到信號耦合效應的表徵