Macromedia Dreamweaver 4: Training from the Source

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  • 出版日期: 2001-07-19
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  • ISBN-13: 9780201731354
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Need a short course in Web site creation and design using Macromedia's professional Web editor? Then you need Macromedia Dreamweaver 4: Training from the Source. This manageable step-by-step guide focuses on how to use Dreamweaver in a real work environment, where you need maximum efficiency from your Web development programs.

Macromedia Dreamweaver 4: Training from the Source is the complete curriculum from two two-day courses developed for Macromedia's authorized trainers. For a fraction of the cost of the class, the book presents lessons in manageable, step-by-step sessions, letting you work at your own pace. At the end of this "desktop course," you'll be proficient at creating both basic and advanced Web sites using Dreamweaver. The CD-ROM contains all the files you need to work through the lessons, plus final versions of the projects to compare to your own results.

Table of Contents

Lesson 1. Learning the Basics of Dreamweaver 4.

Exploring the Tools. Working with Panels. Organizing Your Site. Defining a Local Site. Specifying Preview Browsers. Creating and Saving a New Page. Giving the Page a Title. Specifying a Background Color. Using a Background Color. Specifying the Default Font Color. Placing Text on a Page. Importing Text. Creating a Line Break. Centering and Indenting Text. Making Lists. Making Definition Lists. Nesting Lists. Character Formatting. Repeating a Command. Changing the Font. Changing the Font Size. Changing the Font Color. Saving Colors as Favorites. Creating HTML Styles. Applying HTML Styles. Editing HTML Styles. Adding Special Characters. Switching Document Views. Editing HTML in Code View. Cleaning Up Word HTML. Adding Horizontal Rules. Adding a Date Automatically. Adding Flash Text. Modifying Flash Text.

Lesson 2. Working with Graphics.

Placing Graphics on the Page. Resizing and Refreshing Graphics. Positioning Graphics. Adding a Border Around an Image. Assigning Names and alt Tags to Images. Inserting an Image from the Assets Panel. Managing Images with the Favorites List. Wrapping Text Around Images. Adjusting the Space Around an Image. Aligning an Image Relative to a Single Line of Text. Adding Flash Buttons. Modifying Flash Buttons. Adding Flash Animations.

Lesson 3. Creating Links.

Specifying Link Colors. Inserting E-Mail Links. Creating Hypertext Links. Creating Graphics Links. Targeting Links. Inserting and Linking to Named Anchors. Creating Image Maps.

Lesson 4. Elements of Page Design.

Creating a Table in Layout Mode. Modifying Table Layout. Cell Formatting. Layout Width and Spacer Images. Creating a Table in Standard View. Importing Data from Spreadsheets. Copying and Pasting Table Cells. Selecting a Table. Selecting and Modifying Table Elements. Sorting a Table. Resizing a Table. Exporting a Table. Designing for Computer Screens. Using a Tracing Image.

Lesson 5. Adding User Interactivity.

Using Insert Rollover Image. Adding Behaviors. Swapping Multiple Images with One Event. Editing Actions and Events. Creating a Status-Bar Message. Checking the Browser. Opening a New Browser Window. Adjusting Placement of the New Window. Adding a Navigation Bar.

Lesson 6. Managing Your Site.

Using the Site Window. Adding New Files or Folders to a Site. Creating a Site Map. Viewing a Subset of the Entire Site. Modifying Pages from the Site Window. Customizing the Site Window. Connecting to a Remote Site. Uploading Files. Checking In and Checking Out. Using Design Notes.

Lesson 7. Using Libraries.

Creating a Library Item. Placing a Library Item on a Page. Recreating a Library Item. Modifying a Library Item. Updating Library References. Creating a Library Item Containing Behaviors. Modifying a Library Item Containing Behaviors.

Lesson 8. Using Templates.

Creating Templates. Adding Editable Areas of a Template. Removing Editable Regions. Changing Template Highlight Colors. Building Pages Based on a Template. Modifying a Template.

Lesson 9. Creating Frames.

Creating a Frameset. Saving a Frameset. Resizing Frames in a Frameset. Specifying Frame Properties. Creating and Editing Frames Content. Creating Other Content Documents. Opening an Existing Page in a Frame. Checking Frame Content. Controlling Frame Content with Links. Creating NoFrames Content.

Lesson 10. Creating Layers.

Creating Layers. Naming Layers. Modifying Layers. Changing the Stacking Order of Layers. Nesting and Unnesting Layers. Changing Layer Visibility. Setting Grid and Ruler Options. Using the Netscape Resize Layer Fix. Converting Layers to Tables.

Lesson 11. Using Style Sheet.

Creating External Style Sheet. Adding a Style to an Existing External Style Sheet. Editing an Existing Style. Creating Custom Styles. Creating CSS Selector Styles for Links. Creating CSS Selector Styles for Tag Combinations. Linking to an Existing External Style Sheet. Creating embedded Styles. Converting Embedded Styles to External Styles Converting CSS to HTML.

Lesson 12. Using Find and Replace.

Searching Your Document. Removing an HTML Tag. Using Find and Replace to Apply a Custom Style. Using Find and Replace to Add External Style Sheets. Saving and Reusing Your Search Criteria. Searching and Replacing with Regular Expressions. Finding Variations in a Name.

Lesson 13. Creating Forms.

Building Your Form. Adding Single-Line Text Fields. Adding Mutiple-Line Text Fields. Adding a Password Text Field. Adding Checkboxes. Adding Radio Buttons. Adding List/Menu Items. Adding Buttons. Validating Forms. Creating Jump Menus. Testing Your Forms.

Lesson 14. Animating with Timelines.

Animating Objects. Using Keyframes. Positioning an Object. Changing an Animation with Keyframes. Recording the Path of a Layer. Changing the Visibility of a Layer. Adding Behaviors to the Timeline. Making the Timeline Play.

Lesson 15. Extending Dreamweaver.

Checking Browser Compatibility. Checking Links in Your Site. Generating Reports for a Site. Using the O'Reilly Reference Panel. Extending Dreamweaver. Using Extensions. Using the Link Scrubber Extension. Changing the Objects Panel.

Appendix A: Regular Expressions.
Appendix B: Macintosh Shortcuts.
Appendix C: Windows Shortcuts.