Reflections on Management: How to Manage Your Software Projects, Your Teams, Your Boss, and Yourself (Paperback)

Watts S. Humphrey, William R. Thomas



 “Whether you are in a startup or Fortune 500 company; are a developer, development manager, or CEO; use agile, lean, waterfall, or other methodology–if software and quality are important to you, you should read and pay attention to Watts’s reflections.”

–Bill Ihrie, Former SVP & CTO, Intuit


“You will enjoy this collection for its down to earth, accessible prose, its pragmatism, optimism, and, above all, Watts’s demonstration that software quality improvement is vitally important and very achievable.”

–Aidan Waine, Information Solutions General Manager, Microsoft Entertainment & Devices Division


“Watts has developed a real weapon for beating your competition: a reliable, repeatable way to create software that has excellent quality and reduces the time to deliver it to your customer and lowers the cost of the entire software life cycle and improves employee morale. All at the same time!”

–Michael J. Cullen, Vice President, Quality, Oracle Communications Global Business Unit


A Lifetime of Invaluable Management Insights from Legendary Software Quality Guru Watts S. Humphrey


In 1986, Watts S. Humphrey made an outrageous commitment: a promise to transform software development. As the pioneering innovator behind SEI’s Capability Maturity Model (CMM), Personal Software Process (PSP), and Team Software Process (TSP), Humphrey has more than met that promise. But his contributions go beyond methodology: For decades, his deeply personal writings on project management have been admired by software engineers worldwide.


Reflections on Managementbrings together Humphrey’s best and most influential essays and articles-sharing insights that will be indispensable for anyone who must achieve superior results in software or any other endeavor.


Collected here for the first time, these works offer compelling insights into everything from planning day-to-day work to improving quality, encouraging teamwork to becoming a truly great leader.


All of these writings share a powerful vision, grounded by a life in software that has extended across nearly six decades. The vision is this: To succeed, professionals must effectively manage far more than plans, schedules, and code-they must manage teams, bosses, and above all, themselves.


「無論您是在初創公司還是財富500強企業;無論您是開發人員、開發經理還是CEO;無論您使用敏捷、精益、瀑布或其他方法論 - 如果軟體和品質對您很重要,您應該閱讀並關注瓦茨的反思。」- Bill Ihrie,前Intuit高級副總裁兼首席技術官

「您將喜歡這本收藏,因為它的平實、易懂的散文,它的實用主義、樂觀主義,最重要的是瓦茨展示了軟體品質改進的重要性和可行性。」- Aidan Waine,Microsoft Entertainment & Devices Division資訊解決方案總經理

「瓦茨開發了一個真正的武器,可以擊敗競爭對手:一種可靠、可重複的方式來創建具有優秀品質的軟體,同時減少交付給客戶的時間、降低整個軟體生命週期的成本,並提高員工士氣。同時做到這一切!」- Michael J. Cullen,Oracle Communications Global Business Unit副總裁,品質

「來自傳奇軟體品質大師瓦茨·S·亨弗萊的一生寶貴的管理見解」- Watts S. Humphrey是SEI的能力成熟度模型(CMM)、個人軟體流程(PSP)和團隊軟體流程(TSP)的開創性創新者,他不僅僅在方法論方面做出了貢獻:數十年來,他在項目管理方面的個人深入寫作受到全球軟體工程師的讚賞。