Programming the Windows Runtime by Example: A Comprehensive Guide to WinRT with Examples in C# and XAML (Paperback)

Jeremy Likness, John Garland

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  • 出版日期: 2014-06-16
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  • 語言: 英文
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  • ISBN: 0321927974
  • ISBN-13: 9780321927972
  • 相關分類: C#
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Master Windows 8.1/Windows Runtime Programming Through 80 Expert Projects
This is the most complete, hands-on, solutions-focused guide to programming modern Windows applications with the Windows Runtime.

Leading Windows development consultants Jeremy Likness and John Garland present easy-to-adapt C# and XAML example code for more than 80 projects. Their real-world application examples help you apply Windows 8.1’s best improvements, including large tiles, the new search control, flyouts, command bars, native WinRT networking, and new deployment and sideloading options.

Drawing on their pioneering experience, they illuminate key areas of the Windows Runtime API, offering uniquely detailed coverage of encryption, cloud connectivity, devices, printers, and media integration. You’ll find cutting-edge tips and tricks available in no other book.

This is an indispensable resource for all intermediate-to-advanced Windows developers, and for any architect building desktop, tablet, or mobile solutions with Microsoft technologies. Its focus on both C# and XAML will make it valuable to millions of Windows developers already familiar with Silverlight, WPF, and/or .NET.

Coverage includes
• Creating robust app interfaces with the newest XAML controls, including flyouts and command bars
• Saving data in a persistent “roaming zone” for syncing across Windows 8.1 devices
• Using Visual State Manager (VSM) to build apps that adapt to various device resolutions and orientations
• Integrating virtually any form of data into your apps
• Connecting with web services, RSS, Atom feeds, and social networks
• Securing apps via authentication, encrypting, signing, and single sign-on with Microsoft Account, Facebook, Google, and more
• Leveraging Windows 8.1 media enhancements that improve battery life and app performance
• Networking more effectively with Windows 8.1’s revamped HTTP implementation and new location APIs
• Using Tiles and Toasts to keep apps alive and connected, even when they aren’t running
• Enabling users to send content between devices via NFC tap and send
• Ensuring accessibility and globalizing your apps
• Efficiently debugging, optimizing, packaging, and deploying your apps
• Building sideloadable apps that don’t have to be published in Windows Store

“This book doesn’t just focus on singular concepts, it also provides end-to-end perspective on building an app in WinRT. It is one of those essential tools for Windows developers that will help you complete your software goals sooner than without it!”
—Tim Heuer, Principal Program Manager Lead, XAML Platform, Microsoft Corporation


通過80個專家項目來掌握Windows 8.1 / Windows Runtime編程
這是一本最完整、實踐性最強的指南,教你如何使用Windows Runtime編程現代Windows應用程序。

領先的Windows開發顧問Jeremy Likness和John Garland提供了80多個項目的易於適應的C#和XAML示例代碼。他們的實際應用示例幫助你應用Windows 8.1的最佳改進,包括大型磚塊、新的搜索控件、彈出窗口、命令欄、本機WinRT網絡和新的部署和側載選項。

他們根據自己的開拓性經驗,闡明了Windows Runtime API的關鍵領域,提供了獨特詳細的加密、雲連接、設備、打印機和媒體集成。你會發現這本書中獨有的尖端技巧和訣竅。


• 使用最新的XAML控件(包括彈出窗口和命令欄)創建強大的應用程序界面
• 在持久的“漫遊區”中保存數據,以便在Windows 8.1設備之間同步
• 使用Visual State Manager(VSM)構建適應各種設備分辨率和方向的應用程序
• 將幾乎任何形式的數據集成到你的應用程序中
• 連接到Web服務、RSS、Atom訂閱和社交網絡
• 通過身份驗證、加密、簽名和Microsoft帳戶、Facebook、Google等單一登錄來保護應用程序
• 利用Windows 8.1的媒體增強功能,提高電池壽命和應用程序性能
• 使用Windows 8.1重新設計的HTTP實現和新的位置API更有效地進行網絡操作
• 使用磚塊和通知保持應用程序的運行和連接,即使它們沒有運行
• 通過NFC點擊和發送使用戶在設備之間傳送內容
• 確保應用程序的可訪問性和全球化
• 高效地調試、優化、打包和部署應用程序
• 構建可側載的應用程序,無需在Windows商店中發布

—Tim Heuer,XAML平台首席程序經理,微軟公司