Windows 8 App Projects - XAML and C# Edition (Paperback)

Nico Vermeir

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  • 出版日期: 2013-02-28
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  • 語言: 英文
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  • 裝訂: Paperback
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  • ISBN-13: 9781430250654
  • 相關分類: C#
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Become a leading Windows 8 app developer by using Windows 8 App Projects - XAML and C# Edition to learn techniques, tools, and ideas to create successful, 5-star apps.

Windows 8 App Projects - XAML and C# Edition
 shows you the nuts and bolts of the Windows 8 development ecosystem. Then, through a series of example driven chapters, you'll discover how to leverage the platform’s unique features. With each project, you'll be one step closer to building full-featured, responsive, and well designed apps that feel like they’re a part of the operating system.

Windows 8 App Projects - XAML and C# Edition is a great book for developers that already know their way around the .net framework and want to leverage their existing knowledge into building apps for the new and exciting Windows RT platform and the great touch-first tablet and hybrid devices that accompany Windows 8 to market.

  • Learn to build apps for Windows 8 in an example driven way
  • Leverage existing skills onto the Windows 8 platform
  • Get to know and use the new Modern UI style to make your apps stand out

What you’ll learn

  • Start building apps on the new and exciting Windows 8 platform
  • Learn how to leverage Windows 8's unique features
  • Build apps that feel fast and fluid and is always connected
  • Learn the nuts and bolts of the new Modern UI style
  • Prepare your apps for selling on the marketplace
  • Pass certification on the first try

Who this book is for

Windows 8 App Projects - XAML and C# Edition is for professional and hobby developers who have an interest in developing and selling applications on the Windows Store. The book is aimed both at developers who want to start creating apps and at developers who are already creating apps on any platform. The book follows a project oriented way of working making it easier to place all subjects in a certain context.

Table of Contents

1.       Introduction

2.       Getting Started: The first chapter helps reader with setting up their development environment. We also take a closer look at the Windows 8 simulator and the difference between running native. 

a.       Introduction 

b.       Setting up the environment 

c.       Starting our first projects 

d.       Closer look at the simulator

3.       Building a first project: This chapter is where the actual developing begins, we take a look at the available templates in Visual Studio and start building a multi-page app that we navigate through. 

a.       Let's take a look at the included templates 

b.       Add some pages to the project 

c.       Navigate around a Windows 8 app 

d.       MVVM and MVVM Light 

e.       Where are my Behaviors?

4.       Getting cloudy with data: There are very few apps that get by without consuming data. In this chapter we’ll take a look at how to implement both local and remote data in a Windows 8 application. 

a.       Using SQLite in Windows 8 

b.       Data binding 

c.       Converters 

d.       Data as content 

e.       Taking it to the cloud

5.       Build a charming application: The charms are a unique and great feature of the Windows 8 platform. Integrating them in an application provides a form of interaction that will feel natural to the user because it is a part of the operating system. 

a.       Search charm 

b.       Share charm 

c.       Settings charm

6.       Using live tiles: Windows Phone has already proven the value of the live tiles. They provide a way to inform your users of certain events and provide a way to draw users back into your application. In this chapter we’ll take a look at how to create and update tiles and badges. 

a.       Create the application tile 

b.       Creating secondary tiles 

c.       Updating tiles 

d.       Badges

7.       Notifications: Notifications provide a way to inform your user of important things without them having to have your app open in the background. We will learn how to use different kinds of notifications in this chapter. 

a.       Cooking some toast notifications 

b.       Raw notifications 

c.       Your app on the lockscreen

8.       Make your app adaptable: Windows 8 will appear on a variety of devices with different aspect ratios, resolutions, form factors, etc. In this chapter we’ll learn how to make sure that your app looks good on all possible forms and sizes of Windows 8. 

a.       Twisting the device around 

b.       Support multiple resolutions 

c.       Snap that app 

d.       Viewstates

9.       Sensors: The range of upcoming devices running Windows 8 will have a variety of sensors on board. In this chapter we’ll have a closer look at the most common ones and learn how to leverage them in our apps. 

a.       Location 

b.       Accelerometer 

c.       Gyroscope 

d.       Compass 

e.       Sensor Fusion 

f.        Gestures

10.   Games: Building games is as much fun as playing them. Windows 8 has full DirectX support, next to DX Javascript developers can quickly get started building games as well. XNA is not supported on Windows 8 but thanks to the community even XNA developers can now build games using MonoGame. In this chapter we’ll compare these three methods. 

a.       DirectX 

b.       JavaScript 

c.       MonoGame

11.   Going to market with your app: Once your app is finished you’ll want to publish it as fast as possible. In this chapter we’ll take a look at common reasons for certification failure. 

a.       Creating a developer account 

b.       Business models 

c.       Prepare to submit 

d.       Submit your app


成為領先的Windows 8應用程式開發者,使用《Windows 8 App Projects - XAML and C# Edition》來學習創建成功的五星級應用程式的技巧、工具和思想。

《Windows 8 App Projects - XAML and C# Edition》展示了Windows 8開發生態系統的細節。然後,通過一系列以實例驅動的章節,您將發現如何利用平台的獨特功能。每個項目都使您更接近建立功能完整、響應迅速且設計良好的應用程式,使其感覺就像是操作系統的一部分。

《Windows 8 App Projects - XAML and C# Edition》是一本適合已經熟悉.NET框架並希望利用現有知識為新興且令人興奮的Windows RT平台和配套的觸控優先平板電腦和混合設備建立應用程式的開發人員的好書。

  • 以實例驅動的方式學習為Windows 8建立應用程式

  • 利用現有技能開發Windows 8平台

  • 了解並使用新的Modern UI風格使您的應用程式脫穎而出


  • 在新興且令人興奮的Windows 8平台上開始建立應用程式

  • 學習如何利用Windows 8的獨特功能

  • 建立感覺快速、流暢且始終連接的應用程式

  • 了解新的Modern UI風格的細節

  • 為在市場上銷售的應用程式做好準備

  • 第一次通過認證


《Windows 8 App Projects - XAML and C# Edition》適合對Windows Store上的應用程式開發和銷售有興趣的專業和業餘開發人員。本書既適合想要開始創建應用程式的開發人員,也適合已經在任何平台上創建應用程式的開發人員。本書遵循以項目為導向的工作方式,使得更容易將所有主題放入特定的上下文中。


1. 簡介

2. 入門:第一章幫助讀者設置開發環境。我們還仔細研究了Windows 8模擬器和運行原生應用程式之間的區別。

3. 建立第一個項目:這一章是實際開發開始的地方,我們研究了Visual Studio中可用的範本,並開始建立一個多頁應用程式。