The One-Page Project Manager for Execution: Drive Strategy and Solve Problems with a Single Sheet of Paper (Paperback)

Clark A. Campbell, Mike Collins



Drive Strategy With Simplicity–On A Single Sheet Of Paper!

The One-Page Project Manager set a new standard as an understandable and easy-to-apply organizational tool, allowing managers to summarize complex projects on a single information-rich page. This book, third in the OPPM series, describes how to combine the OPPM with the Toyota A3 report to create an enhanced, integrated management tool. With a refreshingly clear style, the authors walk users through implementing the OPPM/A3 using a variety of real-world case studies, as well as their own experience at O.C. Tanner Company. Rich with tools, templates, and teaching, the emphasis throughout remains on maintaining simplicity across the organization—communicating the right information to the right people at the right time to get the right things done.

Praise for The One-Page Project Manager

"Executives want the answers to two questions: Where are we today? Where will we end up? Do you really believe this cannot be accomplished on a single sheet of paper? The One-Page Project Manager series of books is encouraging you to do just that. Making this part of your Project Management methodology will simplify and improve your project communication, especially for busy executives."
—Harold D. Kerzner, PhD, Senior Executive Director,

International Institute for Learning, Inc.

Clark Campbell fills a void and bridges a communication gap that has long existed between company executives and project or program managers. OPPM successfully links corporate strategy to those in the trenches managing projects."
—Dr. Denis R. Petersen, PMP

President and CEO, Milestone Management Consultants, LLC

"Clark Campbell and Mike Collins present how OPPM works to drive strategy deployment. With OPPM in our lean tool kit, we have tapped into the creativity of our people to pump up

productivity, cut cycle times, reduce inventories, and sustain world-class quality."
—Harold Simons, Executive Vice President, Supply Chain, O.C. Tanner Company

Member of the Shingo Prize Board of Governors


以簡單的方式推動策略-在一張紙上!《The One-Page Project Manager》以易於理解和應用的組織工具設立了新的標準,讓管理者能夠在一張充滿資訊的頁面上總結複雜的專案。這本書是OPPM系列的第三本,描述了如何將OPPM與豐田A3報告結合,創建一個增強的、整合的管理工具。作者以清晰的風格引導讀者通過多種實際案例和他們在O.C. Tanner Company的經驗來實施OPPM/A3。書中提供了豐富的工具、模板和教學,始終強調在組織中保持簡單性-在適當的時間向適當的人傳達正確的信息,以完成正確的事情。

對於《The One-Page Project Manager》的讚譽:

"高管們想知道兩個問題的答案:我們現在在哪裡?我們最終會達到什麼目標?你真的相信這不能在一張紙上完成嗎?《The One-Page Project Manager》系列鼓勵你做到這一點。將其納入你的專案管理方法論中,將簡化和改善你的專案溝通,特別是對於忙碌的高管們。" - Harold D. Kerzner, 博士,國際學習研究所高級執行董事

"Clark Campbell填補了一個長期存在的公司高管和專案或計畫經理之間的溝通差距。《The One-Page Project Manager》成功地將企業策略與那些在一線管理專案的人聯繫起來。" - Dr. Denis R. Petersen, PMP,Milestone Management Consultants, LLC的總裁兼首席執行官

"Clark Campbell和Mike Collins展示了OPPM如何推動策略部署。憑藉OPPM,我們在我們的精益工具箱中開發了我們人員的創造力,提高了生產力,縮短了週期時間,減少了庫存,並保持了世界一流的品質。" - Harold Simons,O.C. Tanner Company供應鏈執行副總裁,Shingo Prize董事會成員