Macromedia Dreamweaver 8 Visual Encyclopedia

Kim Cavanaugh, Sheri German

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  • 出版日期: 2006-04-10
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If you prefer to see what things look like and how to perform a task, instead of just being told, this is your ideal A to Z reference. Part I shows every Dreamweaver 8 tool and how to use it. Part II provides step-by-step instructions for more than 140 key tasks and techniques. Both are arranged alphabetically and illustrated in full color. It's the ultimate Visual resource-you'll see!
* Each tool and technique illustrated in full color
* Alphabetical listings for easy reference
* Step-by-step instructions for performing dozens of tasks
* A comprehensive guide for visual learners

A Visual guide to
* Understanding and using all the Dreamweaver tools
* Site set-up, page creation, and page properties
* Formatting text and building tables
* Using Dreamweaver 8's new Visual Guides
* Working with Flash(r) movies, text, and video
* Developing special effects for cutting-edge sites


Table of Contents

Part I: Tools.


Accessibility Preferences: Edit Accessibility Preferences.

Assets Panel: Organize and Manage Site Assets.

Attributes Panel: Modifying Objects with the Tag Inspector.


Behaviors Panel: Insert and Manage JavaScript Behaviors.

Browsers: Preview Web Pages in a Browser.


Check Spelling Command: Using Check Spelling.

Clean Up HTML/XHTML: Create Cleaner Code.

Clean Up Word HTML: Remove Proprietary Word Code.

Code Hinting: Get Help with Code Completion.

Code Inspector: Check Code While in Design View.

Code View Options: Customize Your Coding Environment.

Coding Toolbar: New Options for Working in Code View.

Collapse and Expand Code: Make Code Easier to Navigate.

Color Cubes Palette: Choose Colors.

Columns: View and Assign Properties.

CSS Rule Definition Window: Create New Rules.

CSS Styles: Create a New Rule.

CSS Styles Panel: Edit Styling Rules.

CSS Styles Panel: View Options.


Date: Insert the Date into a Web Page.

Design Notes: Add Notes to a File.

Design-Time Style Sheets: Using Alternate Style Sheets in a Document.

Design View: Edit Visually in Dreamweaver.

Document Toolbar: Work with Documents.

Document Type Declaration: Set and Modify Document Types.

Document Window: Explore the Dreamweaver Workspace.

Download Time: Estimate Page Size and Download Time.


E-Mail: Insert a Link to an E-Mail Address.

Expanded Tables Mode: Easier Editing with Tables.

Export Tables: Convert an HTML Table to Tabular Data.

Extension Manager: Extend and Enhance Dreamweaver.


Favorites: In the Assets Panel.

Files Panel: Expand and Contract.

Files Panel: Using Files In.

Find and Replace: Using to Search Text and Code.

File Transfer: Background FTP.

File Transfer: Get and Put Files.

Flash Buttons: Using the Insert Dialog Box.

Flash Movies: Insert in Pages.

FlashPaper: Add to Dreamweaver Pages.

Flash Text: Using in your Document.

Flash Video: Insert in Dreamweaver Pages.

Format Table Command: Using to Format Data Tables.

Form Accessibility: Add Accessible Form Objects.


Grids: Work Within the Design Environment.

Guides: Using to Lay Out Pages.


Head Content: View and Edit Tags in the Head of a Document.

History Panel: Track Changes in a Document.


Insert Toolbar: Application.

Insert Toolbar: Common.

Insert Toolbar: Favorites.

Insert Toolbar: Forms.

Insert Toolbar: HTML.

Insert Toolbar: Layout.

Insert Toolbar: Text.

Insert Toolbar: View Options.

Invisible Elements: Show, Hide, and Edit.


Javascript: Insert Scripts into a Page.


Keyboard Shortcut Sets: Create and Modify.


Layers: Drawing.

Layers: Insert from the View Menu.

Layers Panel: Using to Manage Layers.

Layout Mode: Using to Visually Lay Out Pages.

Library Items: In the Assets Panel.

Link Checker: Using to Check a Page.


Magnification: In Document Window.

Manage Sites Window: Using the Manage Sites Dialog Box.

Monitor Resolution: Set and Create.


New Document Window: Using to Create New Documents.


Open Linked Pages: In Design View.

Orphaned Pages: Identify and Delete.


Page Properties: Modify Basic Page Attributes.

Panels: Manage Panels and Panel Layouts.

Preferences: Accessibility.

Preferences: Code Coloring.

Preferences: Code Formatting.

Preferences: Code Hints.

Preferences: Code Rewriting.

Preferences: Copy and Paste.

Preferences: CSS Styles.

Preferences: File Types and Editors.

Preferences: Fonts.

Preferences: General.

Preferences: Highlighting.

Preferences: Invisible Elements.

Preferences: Layers.

Preferences: Layout Mode.

Preferences: New Document.

Preferences: Preview in Browser.

Preferences: Site.

Preferences: Status Bar.

Preferences: Validator.

Properties Inspector: Flash.

Properties Inspector: Forms.

Properties Inspector: Images.

Properties Inspector: Tables.

Properties Inspector: Text.


Quick Tag Editor: Insert HTML in Design View.


Record Commands: For Temporary Use.

Reference Panel: Using for More Information.

Results Panel: Using for FTP Logs.

Results Panel: Using Link Checking.

Results Panel: Using for Target Browser Check.

Results Panel: Using for Validation.

Rulers: Using to Lay Out Pages.


Site Definition: Cloaking.

Site Definition: Local Info.

Site Definition: Remote Info.

Snippets Panel: Using to Store Reusable Code.

Sort Table: Using to Sort Data in Tables.

Split Code and Design View: View Documents With.

Standard Toolbar: Use to Perform Common Tasks.

Start Page: Using to Initiate Tasks.

Status Bar: Get Information From.

Style Rendering Toolbar: Use with Style Sheets.

Synchronize Files Command: Select Synchronize Options.


Tags: Insert Using the Tag Chooser.

Tag Libraries: Manage and Create.

Templates: Using the Category in the Insert Panel.

Timelines: Using the Panel.


Untitled Document Reports: Create a Listing for All.

Update Template Pages: Current Page or Entire Site.

V View Options: In Document Window.

Visual Aids: CSS Layout Backgrounds.

VIsual Aids: CSS Layout Box Model.

Visual Aids: CSS Layout Outlines.

W Warnings: Reset Dependent File Prompts.

Workspace Layouts: Customize Your Workspace.

Workspace: Macintosh.

Workspace: Windows.


XML: Attach XSL Page To.

XSLT: Convert HTML Page To.


Zoom Tool: Zoom In and Out of Documents.

Part II: Techniques.


Accessibility Reports: Create and Save.

Align Images: To Text with CSS.

Align Images: To Text with HTML.

Align Text: Within Documents (HTML).

Assets Panel: Insert Objects With.

Assets Panel: Manage Assets.

Attach and Detach: Cascading Style Sheets.

AutoStretch Tables: Lay Out Pages With.


Background Colors: Apply to Page Elements with HTML.

Background Images: Insert into Cells and Tables.

Background Images: Using CSS to Insert in a Page.

Behaviors: Apply to Web Page Events.

Behaviors: Check Browser.

Behaviors: Go to URL.

Behaviors: Open Browser Window.

Behaviors: Set Text of Layer.

Behaviors: Show and Hide Layers.

Borders: Set Properties in HTML.

Borders: Style with CSS.


Change Links Sitewide: Use the Site Command.

Check In and Check Out: Setup and Options.

Cloak Files and Folders: Hide from Site Operations.

Color Palettes: Create and Use.

Comments: Add to Documents.

Compare Files: Using a Diff Utility.

Contribute: Set Up and Administer.

Copy and Paste: Folders and Files in Site.

Copy and Paste: Objects.

CSS: Create Embedded Style Sheet.

CSS: Create External Style Sheet.

CSS, Edit Rules: From the CSS Panel.

CSS, Export Styles: From the Document Head.

CSS, Media Type Style Sheets: Create and Attach.

CSS, Inline Styles: Create.

CSS, Positioning: Overview.

CSS, Positioning: Using Absolute Positioning.

CSS, Positioning: Using Floats for Positioning.

CSS, Positioning: Using Relative Positioning.

CSS, Positioning: Using Static Positioning.

CSS Styling: Control Link Appearance.

CSS Styling: Control Text Appearance.

CSS Styling: Style Forms.

CSS Styling: Style Heading Appearance.

CSS Styling: Style List Objects.

CSS Styling: Tables and Cells.

Custom Classes: Create and Apply.


Define a Site: Using the Advanced Tab.

Define a Site: Using the Basic Tab.

Delete Files and Folders: From a Site.

Descendent Selectors: Create and Use.

Design-Time Style Sheets: Create and Attach.

DIV Tags: Insert, Position, Name.


Editors: Choose Application.

E-mail Links: Create.

Excel Documents: Import.

Extensions: Install and Manage.


Favorites: Assign to Assets Panel.

Find and Replace: Text and Code.

Fireworks: Edit Images.

Fireworks: Optimize Images.

Fireworks HTML: Create Interactive Images.

Flash Buttons: Create and Insert.

Flash Movies: Insert and View.

Flash Text: Create and Insert.

Flash Video: Create and Insert.

Font List: Create and Apply.

Fonts: Style with the Properties Inspector.

Forms: About Forms.

Forms: Create Accessible Forms.

Forms: Insert Buttons.

Forms: Insert Check Boxes and Radio Buttons.

Forms: Insert File Fields.

Forms: Insert Hidden Fields.

Forms: Insert List and Menu Items.

Forms: Insert Text Fields.

Frames: Create Framesets and Frames.

Frames: Link Frames.

FTP: Get and Put Files to a Web Server.


Grids: Design Page Layouts.

Guides: Place and Align Objects.


Headings: Apply to Text.

Home Page: Designate for a Web Site.

Horizontal Rules: Insert and Style.

Hotspots: Create Interactive Images.


Image Placeholders: Using for Page Layouts.

Images: Edit with Dreamweaver.

Images: Insert in Documents.

Images: Set Spacing and Borders.

Import Office Documents: Insert Word and Excel Documents into a Page.

Import Tabular Data: Insert Delimited Files.


Javascript: Insert and Edit.

Jump Menus: Insert and Edit.


Keyboard Shortcut Sets: Create and Modify.


Languages: Set Document Encoding.

Layout Block: Inserting DIV Tags for Layout.

Layout Tables: Design Page Layouts.

Library Items: Create and Insert.

Library Items: Edit and Update.

Links: Change Sitewide.

Links: Check Sitewide.

Link to a Document Inside Your Site: Create Relative Links by Browsing to a File.

Link to a Document Inside Your Site: Create Relative Links by Pointing to a File.

Link to a Document Outside Your Site: Create Absolute Links.

Link Within a Page: Set Page Anchors.

Locate in Site: Find and Select Files.


Macromedia Exchange: Get New Extensions.

MetaTags: Insert into Documents.


Navigation Bar: Insert.

New Documents: Create from Starter Pages.

New Documents: Create from Templates.


Page Properties: Set and Change.

Panels: Organize and Modify.

Panels: View and Resize.

Paste Special: Using for Formatting Options.


Reports: Using Workflow Reports.

Rollover Images: Create and Insert.


Server-Side Includes (SSI): Insert.

Site Definition: Export.

Site Definition: Import.

Site Maps: Create.

Snippets: Create New.

Snippets: Using Predefined.

Sound: Insert Plug-ins.

Special Characters: Insert.

Style Rendering Toolbar: View Page.

Swap Image Behavior: Insert.

Synchronize: Sites and Folders.


Tables: Examine and Set Properties.

Tables: Nest Tables for Page Design.

Tables: Using for Page Layouts.

Tag Selector: Select and Edit Tags.

Target Browser Check: Check Page Compatibility.

Target Links: Open Pages in New Windows.

Templates: Apply to New Document.

Templates: Apply to Page with Content.

Templates: Create a Template.

Templates: Delete from Site.

Templates: Detach from Document.

Templates: Editable Regions.

Templates: Nested Templates.

Templates: Optional Regions.

Templates: Repeating Regions.

Templates: Update Pages.

Text: Create Lists.

Text: Formatting Options.

Tracing Images: Using Images for Page Layouts.

V Validate Forms: Using Behavior To.

Validate HTML: Using Command.

Visual Aids: Show and Hide.

W Web Page Photo Album: Create.

Word Document: Import.

Appendix A

Dynamic Web Pages: Make the Transition.

Dynamic Web Pages: Create the Pages in Dreamweaver.

Appendix B

Cascading Style Sheets: A Guide to CSS Topics.