Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services Step by Step

Olga Londer, Todd Bleeker, Penelope Coventry, James Edelen

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  • 出版日期: 2010-01-01
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The smart way to learn Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services—one step at a time!

Quickly teach yourself how to make team collaboration easy—and more productive—with Windows SharePoint Services. With STEP BY STEP, you drive the instruction. Work at your own pace through the book’s lessons and build new skills using the files on CD. You’ll learn exactly what you need to know about using Windows SharePoint Services to help you—and your team—share ideas and information more efficiently!

•Build your own SharePoint site—a central, Web-based workspace for teamwork and communication

•Set up document libraries and Document Workspaces for easy collaboration

•Use Meeting Workspaces to facilitate meeting preparation and follow-up

•Share and exchange data, calendars, contacts, and other information from Microsoft Office programs

•Conduct surveys and use discussion boards on your site

•Customize your pages and sites with Web Parts

Practice your skills using the files on CD!

Your Microsoft Office System Reference Pack on CD includes:
•Templates and clip art straight from the Microsoft Office team
•Microsoft Office System Quick Reference eBook
•Insider’s Guide to Microsoft Office OneNote 2003 eBook
•Microsoft Computer Dictionary, Fifth Edition, eBook—10,000+ entries!
•Introducing the Tablet PC eBook
•Complete STEP BY STEP eBook
•Skill-building practice files


這是一本以「一步一步」方式學習 Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services 的智慧型方法!
快速自學如何使用 Windows SharePoint Services 讓團隊協作更輕鬆且更有效率。透過這本書的課程,您可以按照自己的進度學習,並使用附帶的光碟中的檔案來建立新技能。您將學到如何使用 Windows SharePoint Services,以更有效地分享想法和資訊,幫助您和您的團隊更高效地合作!
• 建立自己的 SharePoint 網站 - 一個集中的基於網頁的團隊工作區和溝通平台
• 設置文件庫和文件工作區,以便輕鬆協作
• 使用會議工作區來促進會議的準備和後續工作
• 從 Microsoft Office 程式中分享和交換資料、日曆、聯絡人和其他資訊
• 在您的網站上進行調查和使用討論版
• 使用 Web 零件自訂您的頁面和網站

您的 Microsoft Office 系統參考套件光碟包括:
• 直接來自 Microsoft Office 團隊的範本和剪貼畫
• Microsoft Office 系統快速參考電子書
• 《Insider's Guide to Microsoft Office OneNote 2003》電子書
• 《Microsoft Computer Dictionary, Fifth Edition》電子書 - 包含超過 10,000 個詞條!
• 介紹平板電腦的電子書
• 完整的《一步一步》電子書
• 提供技能建立練習檔案