The Design Warrior's Guide to FPGAs

Clive Maxfield

  • 出版商: Newnes
  • 出版日期: 2004-04-12
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  • 語言: 英文
  • 頁數: 542
  • 裝訂: Paperback
  • ISBN: 0750676043
  • ISBN-13: 9780750676045
  • 相關分類: FPGA
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...a must-read book for those designers who either want an introduction to designing with FPGAs or need to broaden their understanding of the EDA tools available for such applications. Maxfield writes in a easy-to-read style, and provides insightful and diverse information for designers and curious readers alike. The author has never forgotten his designer roots, and the book is full of examples and chapters dedicated to such applications as gigabit transceivers, linear-feedback-shift registers, and integration of third-party cores. -- EDN, 5/21/2004

Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs) are devices that provide a fast, low-cost way for embedded system designers to customize products and deliver new versions with upgraded features, because they can handle very complicated functions, and be reconfigured an infinite number of times. FPGAs have recently become much faster and more powerful, making them suitable for use with a wide range of embedded products. This has created a rapidly expanding market in the embedded world as products migrate to these flexible parts, and a need for designers to educate themselves quickly about working with FPGAs - which they can do with this book.

Clive "Max" Maxfield is a bestselling author and engineer with a large following in the electronic design automation (EDA)and embedded systems industry. In this comprehensive book, he covers all the issues of interest to designers working with, or contemplating a move to, FPGAs in their product designs. While other books cover fragments of FPGA technology or applications this is the first to focus exclusively and comprehensively on FPGA use for embedded systems.


Table of Contents:

Introductio; Fundamental Concepts; The Origin of FPGAs; Alternative FPGA Architectures; Programming (Configuring) an FPGA; Who Are All the Players?; FPGA Versus ASIC; HDL-Based Design Flows; Silicon Virtual Prototyping; C/C++ etc.–Based Design Flows;
DSP-Based Design Flows; Embedded Processor-Based; Modular and Incremental Design; High-Speed Design and Other PCB Considerations; Observing Internal Nodes in an FPGA; Intellectual Property; Migrating ASIC Designs to FPGAs and Vice Versa; Simulation, Synthesis, Verification, etc.; Choosing the Right Device; Gigabit Transceivers; Reconfigurable Computing; Creating an Open-Source-Based
Design Flow; Future FPGA Developments; Appendix A:
Signal Integrity 101;Capacitive and inductive coupling(crosstalk), Chip-level effects, Board-level effects, The evolution of delay specifications; Appendix B: Deep-Submicron Delay Effects 101, A potpourri of definitions, Alternative interconnect models, DSM delay effects
Summary, The Ouroboras, Many-to-one implementations; Appendix C: Linear Feedback Shift Registers 101, More taps than you know what to do with, Seeding an LFSR, FIFO applications, Modifying LFSRs to sequence 2n values, Accessing the previous value, Encryption and decryption applications,
Cyclic redundancy check applications.
Data compression applications
Built-in self-test applications
Pseudorandom-number-generation applications
Last but not least
About the Author


這本書是設計師必讀的書籍,無論是想要了解如何使用FPGAs進行設計,還是需要擴展對於這類應用中可用的EDA工具的理解的設計師。Maxfield以易於閱讀的風格寫作,為設計師和好奇的讀者提供了深入而多樣的信息。作者從未忘記自己的設計師根源,書中充滿了例子和專門用於吉比特收發器、線性反饋移位寄存器和第三方核心集成等應用的章節。-- EDN, 5/21/2004

可編程閘陣列(FPGAs)是一種為嵌入式系統設計師提供快速、低成本的方式來定制產品並提供升級功能的設備,因為它們可以處理非常複雜的功能,並且可以無限次重新配置。FPGAs近來變得更快、更強大,使它們適用於各種嵌入式產品。這在嵌入式領域創造了一個快速擴大的市場,需要設計師迅速學習如何使用FPGAs - 這本書可以幫助他們。

Clive 'Max' Maxfield是一位暢銷作家和工程師,在電子設計自動化(EDA)和嵌入式系統行業中有很多追隨者。在這本全面的書中,他涵蓋了所有對於在產品設計中使用FPGAs的設計師感興趣的問題,或者正在考慮轉向FPGAs的設計師。雖然其他書籍只涵蓋了FPGA技術或應用的片段,但這本書是第一本專門全面介紹FPGA在嵌入式系統中使用的書籍。