Java Developer's Guide to E-Commerce with XML and JSP

William B. Brogden, Chris Minnick, Bill Brogden




XML: The Perfect Complement to Java in a Total E-Commerce Solution

Your Java programming knowledge will go a long way toward building an effective e-commerce site. XML is the missing piece, and Java Developer's Guide to E-Commerce With XML and JSP gives you expert instruction in the techniques that unite these closely aligned technologies. Covering the latest Servlet and JSP APIs and the current XML standard, this book guides you through all the steps required to build and implement a cohesive, dynamic, and profitable site.

Zero in on these critical XML topics:

• Creating well-formed XML
• Creating a Document Type Definition
• Using elements, attributes and entities in designing your own XML
• Manipulating the Document Object Model with Java
• Using Java collections for searching XML data
• Using the Simplified API for XML to process bulky XML files

Then put your XML skills to work on an e-commerce site:

• Create a product catalog
• Build a shopping cart equipped with all required functionality
• Handle billing and order confirmation
• Develop a technically integrated advertising approach
• Capitalize on customer histories to increase sales and bring back customers