Web Geek’s Guide to Google Chrome (Paperback)

Jerri Ledford, Yvette Davis

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  • 出版日期: 2009-06-01
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Finally, there’s a web browser for today’s Internet, and today’s user: you! It’s Chrome. (From Google—of course!) Now, there’s a book that reveals how you can use all of Google Chrome’s built-in power and speed—and extend Chrome to do even more! Jerri Ledford and Yvette Davis start with a quick, practical tour of Google Chrome’s stripped-down, hot-rod interface —including its do-everything, know-everything Omnibox. You’ll be using Chrome like a pro in minutes, but that’s just the beginning. You won’t just learn how to customize Chrome: You’ll dive under the hood, tweak its code, and transform it into the browser of your dreams. Bottom line: If Google Chrome can do it, this book will help you do it smarter, faster, better! Covers all this, and more...


• Improving life on the Web: what’s new and different about Chrome, and why you care

• Getting from Chrome newbie to power user—fast!

• Browsing more safely in the Web jungle

• Spit-shining Chrome: making a good-looking browser look spectacular

• Optimizing your own web site to make the most of Google Chrome

• Tweaking tabs, and more: customizing Chrome to your heart’s content

• Saving time with Google Chrome keyboard shortcuts

• Troubleshooting problems with Google Chrome, step-by-step

• Learning about Chromium (the foundation on which Google Chrome is built) and its components, WebKit, WebKit Core, WebKit Port, and  

  WebKit Glue.


Jerri Ledford has been a freelance business technology writer for more than ten years, publishing more than 1,000 articles, profiles, news stories, and reports. She develops and teaches technology training courses on topics ranging from security to customer service. Ledford also helps optimize websites for Google and writes about technology topics ranging from search engine optimization to consumer security and identity theft. She has written 18 books, four of which are about Google applications: Google Analytics, Google Analytics 2.0, Google Powered: Productivity with Online Tools, and Google AdSense for Dummies.


Yvette Davis is Managing Editor for Brighthub.com’s Google Channel and Contributing Editor for its Linux Channel.www.WebGeeksGuide.com


Table of Contents

Introduction      1


Part 1: Google Chrome and Browsing the Way It Should Be


Chapter 1        Web Interactions Past and Present              9

            The Theory of the Web-Based Operating System          10

                        A Star Trek-esque Society       10

                        Web-Based OS Is for the Future          10

                        Mobility Must Come First         11

                        Openness Is the Key to Mobility Is the Key to…          12

            Browsing in an Application-Driven World         13

                        Chaos, Fallen Orderly   13

                        Web-Based from the Ground Up          14

            Closing the Door          15


Chapter 2        What Google Chrome Brings to the Browser          17

            NOT Your Momma’s Web Browser    18

            Comparing Chrome to Other Browsers 19

                        Internet Explorer           19

                        Firefox             22

                        Opera  24

            Speed Depends on How You Handle the Code            26

            Share and Share (Resources), Alike      31

            Taking Out the Trash Keeps the Browser Moving Cleanly         32

            Searching for the Right User Experience            34

                        Tabbing Through Life        34

                        Surfing Without Being Seen       36

            It’s About the Right Amount of Chrome            37

            Closing the Door          38


Chapter 3        Getting Started with Google Chrome           39

            A Quick and Easy Download       40

                        Chrome and Your Privacy Concerns      42

                        Download and Install Chrome   43

                        Initial Chrome Customization        44

            Everybody Has a First Time Once        46

                        Chrome Grows with You          46

                        Chrome Page Controls 47

            Point and Click, or Type           49