High Speed A/D Converters - Understanding Data Converters Through SPICE (Hardcover)

Alfi Moscovici



The Analog to Digital Converters represent one half of the link between the world we live in - analog - and the digital world of computers, which can handle the computations required in digital signal processing. These devices are mathematically very complex due to their nonlinear behavior and thus fairly difficult to analyze without the use of simulation tools. High Speed A/D Converters: Understanding Data Converters Through SPICE presents the subject from the practising engineer's point of view rather than from the academic's point of view. A practical approach is emphasized.

High Speed A/D Converters: Understanding Data Converters Through SPICE is intended as a learning tool by providing building blocks that can be stacked on top of each other to build higher order systems. The book provides a guide to understanding the various topologies used in A/D converters by suggesting simple methods for the blocks used in an A/D converter. The converters discussed throughout the book constitute a class of devices called undersampled or Nyquist converters.

The tools used in deriving the results presented are:
  • TopSpice™ by Penzar - a mixed mode SPICE simulator - version 5.90. The files included in Appendix A were written for this tool. However, most circuit files need only minor adjustments to be used on other SPICE simulators such as PSpice, Hspice, IS_Spice and Micro-Cap IV;
  • Mathcad 2000 - Professional by Mathsoft. This tool is very useful in performing FFT analysis as well as drawing some of the graphs. Again, the mathcad files are included to help the user analyze the data.

High Speed A/D Converters: Understanding Data Converters Through SPICE not only supplies the models for the A/D converters for SPICE program but also describes the physical reasons for the converter's performance.


Acknowledgements. Preface. A/D Terminology. 1.1. The Static Parameters. 1.2. The Dynamic Parameters. 1.3. The FFT Analysis. The Comparator. 1.1. Comparator Macro-Model. 1.2. Comparator Delay Relative to Input Overdrive. 1.3. Propagation Delay Relative to Slew Rate. 1.4. Pulse Reproduction Fidelity. 1.5. CMOS Comparator Model. Flash A/D. 1.1. A practical 3-B A/D. 1.2. A 6-B A/D. 1.3. ILE/DLE Effects on SINAD. 1.4. Delay Between Analog-Input and Clock. 1.5. Slew Rate Limitation. Track and Hold Amplifier. 1.1. THA - The SPICE Model. 1.2. Errors Affecting THA Accuracy. SAR A/D. 1.1. Physical Limitations in SAR A/D. 1.2. Time Interleaved Converters. Folding A/D Converters. 1.1. The Analog Preprocessor. 1.2. Folding Preprocessor - An Example. 1.3. The Linear Interpolator. 1.4. Folding 8-B A/D - An Example. Pipelined A/D Converter. 1.1. Component Accuracy Requirements. 1.2. Errors in a Practical Pipelined A/D. 1.3. Errors Correction - An Example. 1.4. Residue A/D Error. Serial Pipeline A/D With 1.5-Bit/Stage. 1.1. An 8-Bit Serial Pipelined A/D - Example. Bibliography. Index.


模擬轉數位轉換器(Analog to Digital Converters)代表著我們所處的世界(模擬)與能夠處理數位信號處理所需計算的電腦(數位)之間的連接。由於其非線性行為,這些設備在數學上非常複雜,因此在沒有模擬工具的情況下很難進行分析。《高速A/D轉換器:通過SPICE理解數據轉換器》從實踐工程師的角度而不是學術角度來呈現這個主題。強調實用方法。


- Penzar的TopSpice™ - 一個混合模式SPICE模擬器 - 版本5.90。附錄A中的文件是為這個工具編寫的。然而,大多數電路文件只需要進行輕微調整即可在其他SPICE模擬器(如PSpice、Hspice、IS_Spice和Micro-Cap IV)上使用。
- Mathsoft的Mathcad 2000 - 專業版。這個工具在執行FFT分析和繪製一些圖形方面非常有用。同樣,mathcad文件包含在內,以幫助用戶分析數據。


- 致謝
- 前言
- A/D術語
- 靜態參數
- 動態參數
- FFT分析
- 比較器
- 比較器宏模型
- 輸入過驅動相對於比較器延遲
- 上升時間相對於傳播延遲
- 脈衝重現保真度
- CMOS比較器模型
- 快閃A/D轉換器
- 一個實用的3位元A/D
- 一個6位元A/D
- 模擬輸入和時鐘之間的延遲
- 上升時間限制
- 跟蹤保持放大器
- 影響THA精度的錯誤
- SAR A/D轉換器
- SAR A/D的物理限制
- 時間交錯轉換器
- 折疊A/D轉換器
- 模擬前處理器
- 折疊前處理器 - 一個例子
- 線性插值器
- 折疊8位元A/D - 一個例子
- 流水線A/D轉換器
- 元件精度要求
- 實際流水線A/D中的錯誤
- 錯誤修正 - 一個例子
- 殘差A/D誤差
- 具有1.5位元/階段的串行流水線A/D
- 一個8位元串行流水線A/D - 例子
- 參考文獻
- 索引