Ray Tracing Gems II: Next Generation Real-Time Rendering with Dxr, Vulkan, and Optix (Paperback)

Marrs, Adam, Shirley, Peter, Wald, Ingo



This Open Access book is a must-have for anyone interested in real-time rendering. Ray tracing is the holy grail of gaming graphics, simulating the physical behavior of light to bring real-time, cinematic-quality rendering to even the most visually intense games. Ray tracing is also a fundamental algorithm used for architecture applications, visualization, sound simulation, deep learning, and more.
Ray Tracing Gems II is written by industry experts with a particular focus on ray tracing, and it offers a practical means to master the new capabilities of current and future GPUs with the latest graphics APIs.
What You'll Learn:

  • The latest ray tracing techniques for developing real-time applications in multiple domains
  • Case studies from developers and studios who have shipped products that use real-time ray tracing.
  • Guidance, advice and best practices for rendering applications with various GPU-based ray tracing APIs (DirectX Raytracing, Vulkan Ray Tracing)
  • High performance graphics for 3D graphics, virtual reality, animation, and more

Who This Book Is For:Game and graphics developers who are looking to leverage the latest hardware and software tools for real-time rendering and ray tracing to enhance their applications across a variety of disciplines.



《光線追蹤寶石 II》由業界專家撰寫,專注於光線追蹤,提供了一種實用的方法來掌握當前和未來GPU的最新圖形API的新功能。

- 開發多個領域的即時應用的最新光線追蹤技術
- 來自已發佈使用即時光線追蹤產品的開發者和工作室的案例研究
- 使用各種基於GPU的光線追蹤API(DirectX Raytracing、Vulkan Ray Tracing)進行渲染應用的指導、建議和最佳實踐
- 高性能圖形技術,適用於3D圖形、虛擬現實、動畫等領域

- 希望利用最新的硬體和軟體工具進行即時渲染和光線追蹤,以增強各種領域應用的遊戲和圖形開發者。


Adam Marrs is a Senior Graphics Engineer in the Game Engines and Core Technology group at NVIDIA. He holds a PhD in computer science, has conducted graphics research in academia and industry, published at HPG, Eurographics, JCGT, and wrote for the GPU Zen 2 and Ray Tracing Gems books. He has shipped graphics code in AAA game titles and commercial game engines.
Peter Shirley is a Distinguished Engineer in the Research group at NVIDIA. He holds a PhD in computer science and has worked in academics, startup companies, and industry. He is the author of several books including the recent Ray Tracing in One Weekend series.
Ingo Wald is a Director, Ray Tracing, at NVIDIA. He holds a PhD in computer science, has a long history of ray tracing related research in both academia and industry, and is probably best known for authoring and co-authoring various papers and open-source software project related to rendering, visualization, data structures, and other topics that in one or another form usually involve ray tracing.


Adam Marrs是NVIDIA遊戲引擎和核心技術組的高級圖形工程師。他擁有計算機科學博士學位,在學術界和工業界進行了圖形研究,並在HPG、Eurographics、JCGT發表過論文,並為《GPU Zen 2》和《Ray Tracing Gems》等書籍撰寫了內容。他曾在AAA遊戲標題和商業遊戲引擎中發布過圖形代碼。

Peter Shirley是NVIDIA研究組的杰出工程師。他擁有計算機科學博士學位,曾在學術界、初創公司和工業界工作。他是幾本書的作者,包括最近的《Ray Tracing in One Weekend》系列。

Ingo Wald是NVIDIA的射線追蹤總監。他擁有計算機科學博士學位,長期從事與射線追蹤相關的學術和工業研究,最著名的是撰寫和合著了與渲染、可視化、數據結構等相關的論文和開源軟件項目。