Oracle 10g Developing Media Rich Applications

Lynne Dunckley, Larry Guros

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  • 出版日期: 2006-11-01
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Oracle 10g Developing Media Rich Applications is focused squarely on database administrators and programmers as the foundation of multimedia database applications. With the release of Oracle8 Database in 1997, Oracle became the first commercial database with integrated multimedia technology for application developers. Since that time, Oracle has enhanced and extended these features to include native support for image, audio, video and streaming media storage; indexing, retrieval and processing in the Oracle Database, Application Server; and development tools. Databases are not only words and numbers for accountants, but they also should utilize a full range of media to satisfy customer needs, from race car engineers, to manufacturing processes to security.

The full range of audio, video and integration of media into databases is mission critical to these applications. This book details the most recent features in Oracle’s multimedia technology including those of the Oracle10gR2 Database and the Oracle9i Application Server. The technology covered includes: object relational media storage and services within the database, middle tier application development interfaces, wireless delivery mechanisms, and Java-based tools.


Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. Multimedia Explained
3. How does Oracle10g support image, audio and video content?
4. Getting Ready: What you need to know before you media-enhance your application.
5. Building the database
6. Protecting your data
7. Where and how to use intermedia
8. Building a simple application
9. Creating image audio, and video objects with intermedia Exploring the Benefits of Using Objects.
10. Java Application Development
11. Advanced Queries - Content Based Retrieval.
Problems & challenges
12. Java Development Tools
13. Using PL/SQL for intermedia applications
14. Multimedia Database Middleware Coping with multimedia data on networks Streaming Media
15. XML and SMIL: Something to Smile About
16. Understanding the Big Picture.
Appendix B: About PL/SQL Versions. intermedia Resources for PL/SQL Developers
Appendix C: CD Contents.



《Oracle 10g 開發多媒體豐富應用程式》專注於資料庫管理員和程式設計師,作為多媒體資料庫應用程式的基礎。自從1997年Oracle8 Database的發布以來,Oracle成為第一個具有整合多媒體技術的商業資料庫,供應應用程式開發人員使用。從那時起,Oracle已經增強和擴展了這些功能,包括對圖像、音頻、視頻和流媒體存儲的本地支持;在Oracle Database、Application Server和開發工具中進行索引、檢索和處理。資料庫不僅僅是會計師的文字和數字,還應該利用全方位的媒體來滿足客戶需求,從賽車工程師到製造過程到安全性。

音頻、視頻和媒體整合的全方位應用對這些應用程式至關重要。本書詳細介紹了Oracle多媒體技術的最新功能,包括Oracle10gR2 Database和Oracle9i Application Server的功能。所涵蓋的技術包括:資料庫內的物件關聯媒體存儲和服務、中間層應用程式開發介面、無線傳遞機制和基於Java的工具。


1. 簡介
2. 多媒體解釋
3. Oracle10g如何支援圖像、音頻和視頻內容?
4. 準備工作:在增強應用程式之前需要了解的事項
5. 建立資料庫
6. 保護您的資料
7. 如何在何處使用intermedia
8. 建立簡單的應用程式
9. 使用intermedia創建圖像、音頻和視頻物件,探索使用物件的好處
10. Java應用程式開發
11. 高級查詢-基於內容的檢索。問題和挑戰
12. Java開發工具
13. 使用PL/SQL進行intermedia應用程式
14. 多媒體資料庫中間件-處理網絡上的多媒體資料,流媒體
15. XML和SMIL:微笑的事情
16. 理解整體情況