Modern Cable Television Technology: Video, Voice, & Data Communications

Walter Ciciora, James Farmer, David Large




Based on a tutorial workshop, this book overviews the technical details involved in a cable system. A complete descriptive reference of a cable television system. This book is the most up-to-date and comprehensive reference available on cable television technologies. It covers issues not addressed in any other book such as modern headend design, reliability calculations, modern architecture, and equipment interface


PART 1: Once Over Lightly  
Chapter 1 Introduction to Cable Television  
PART 2: The Signals  
Chapter 2 Analog Television  
Chapter 3 Digitally Compressed Television  
Chapter 4 Cable Data Transport  
Chapter 5 Cable Telephony  
PART 3: Headends  
Chapter 6 Signal Reception  
Chapter 7 Headend Signal Processing  
Chapter 8 Headend Operation  
PART 4: Broadband Distribution Systems  
Chapter 9 Coaxial RF Technology  
Chapter 10 Coaxial Distribution System Design  
Chapter 11 Linear Fiber-Optic Signal Transportation  
Chapter 12 Other Supertrunking Alternatives  
Chapter 13 End-to-End Performance  
Chapter 14 Upstream Issues  
PART 5: System Architecture  
Chapter 15 Service-Related Architecture Requirements  
Chapter 16 Architectural Elements and Examples  
Chapter 17 Network Reliability and Availability  
PART 6: Customer Interface Issues  
Chapter 18 Program Denial Technologies  
Chapter 19 Consumer Electronics Interface  
Chapter 20 Equipment Compatibility  
Appendix A Channel Allocation  
Appendix B Video Waveforms