Advanced Professional Web Design: Techniques & Templates

Clint (Clint Eccher) Eccher

  • 出版商: Charles River Media
  • 出版日期: 2006-09-04
  • 定價: $1,420
  • 售價: 2.1$299
  • 語言: 英文
  • 頁數: 480
  • 裝訂: Paperback
  • ISBN: 1584504943
  • ISBN-13: 9781584504948
  • 相關分類: 網頁設計
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Advanced Professional Web Design: Techniques and Templates (CSS & XHTML) is the must-have book for advanced designers who want to expand their skills and improve the quality of their designs. Learning CSS technology and continually improving one’s design and developer skills is becoming increasingly essential for every Web designer in today’s marketplace. This book teaches designers and developers how to bridge the knowledge gap from XHTML table-based design to full CSS-based design, and master the technologies and techniques needed. But the book isn’t just about the theory behind design; it’s about putting it into practice right away. Using the ~140 customizable designs, designers can use what they learn immediately. This indispensable collection of designs includes 20 CSS-driven templates, 80 XHTML table-based templates, 10 e-newsletter templates, 10 signature templates, and 20 Photoshop designs that can be coded.

The book goes well beyond the authors’ very successful Professional Web Design: Techniques and Templates by providing advanced tools and techniques that teach how e-commerce and shopping carts work, explain the concept of database-driven sites, and show how to create relative sizing designs, among other important topics. The techniques are taught with an emphasis on CSS, including explanations, examples, and templates that go far beyond existing CSS documentation. The database-driven and e-commerce examples in the book are written using CFML (ColdFusion Markup Language). Because the purpose of this book is to give a high-level explanation of such techniques, the techniques can be easily translated to other languages, such as ASP/ASP.Net, JSP, and PHP.

This is a unique training course and free library of templates all in one!



  • Includes ~140 FREE customizable CSS templates, 80 XHTML templates, 10 e-newsletter templates, 10 signature templates, and 20 Photoshop designs ready to be coded
  • Explains how to build advanced CSS-driven designs that include using a simple method to create full-height, three-column, three-color layouts
  • Teaches important techniques professional designers need for adding e-commerce and shopping cart functionality, understanding database-driven sites, and creating relative sizing designs
  • Provides useful real-world tips and tricks
  • Teaches how to create designs using Adobe® Photoshop® for photo designs



本書不僅僅是作者非常成功的《專業網頁設計:技巧與範本》的延伸,還提供了進階工具和技術,教授電子商務和購物車的運作原理,解釋了資料庫驅動網站的概念,並展示了如何創建相對大小的設計等重要主題。這些技術以CSS為重點教授,包括解釋、示例和範本,遠超過現有的CSS文檔。本書中的資料庫驅動和電子商務示例使用CFML(ColdFusion Markup Language)編寫。由於本書的目的是提供這些技術的高層次解釋,因此這些技術可以輕鬆地轉換為其他語言,如ASP/ASP.Net、JSP和PHP。


- 包含約140個可自定義的免費CSS範本、80個XHTML範本、10個電子報範本、10個簽名範本和20個可編碼的Photoshop設計
- 解釋如何建立高級CSS設計,包括使用簡單方法創建全高度、三欄、三色佈局
- 教授專業設計師需要的重要技巧,包括添加電子商務和購物車功能、理解資料庫驅動網站和創建相對大小的設計
- 提供有用的現實世界的技巧和訣竅
- 教授如何使用Adobe® Photoshop®創建照片設計的方法