The Game Producer's Handbook

Dan Irish




Get a behind-the-scenes view of what it takes to succeed in the game industry with this unique guide written specifically for producers. This book serves as an ideal reference for students who want to acquire the knowledge and skills to succeed in this burgeoning industry, and in the future of entertainment. For veterans in the game industry, this book includes several valuable lessons that can help enhance their professional skills. Avoid the pitfalls behind some of the most common mistakes made in video game development. Get tips on how the financial aspects of a project govern a game producers decisions. Learn what production techniques are used by top game developers. Youll even learn how to produce an excellent game soundtrack and will discover why the music is as important as the graphics. Excellence defines careers in the entertainment software industry. Use this one-of-a-kind guide to achieve that excellence.


Table of Contents:

1. Introduction
2. What Does a Video Game Producer Do?
3. Types/Specialties of a Video Game Producer
4. Can Producers Design Games Too? Isnt That the Fun Job?
5. Conveying the Winning Vision
6. Financial Impact
7. Excellence in Game Soundtracks
8. Using Sound Effects to Produce Excellent Results
9. Using Game Development Tools & Asset Management
10. Creating Allies in the Marketing Team
11. Quality Assurance and Why Its the Most Important Part of Producing a Video Game
12. Executive Management
13. Advanced Team Management
14. Conflict Resolution
15. Tools for Success
16. How to Be Successful When Faced With a Difficult Publisher
17. Common Mistakes: Things Not To Do
18. How to Negotiate A Good Deal
19. How to Find Good Video Game Products
20. Producer Job Descriptions and Qualifications



1. 簡介
2. 電子遊戲製作人的工作內容
3. 電子遊戲製作人的類型/專業
4. 製作人也能設計遊戲嗎?這不是有趣的工作嗎?
5. 傳達勝利的願景
6. 財務影響
7. 卓越的遊戲配樂
8. 使用音效產生優秀的效果
9. 使用遊戲開發工具和資產管理
10. 在營銷團隊中建立盟友
11. 品質保證及其作為製作視頻遊戲中最重要部分的原因
12. 執行管理
13. 高級團隊管理
14. 衝突解決
15. 成功的工具
16. 如何在面對困難的發行商時取得成功
17. 常見錯誤:不應該做的事情
18. 如何談判一筆好交易
19. 如何找到優秀的電子遊戲產品
20. 製作人職位描述和資格要求