Fixing Your Scrum: Practical Solutions to Common Scrum Problems

Ripley, Ryan, Miller, Todd

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A Scrum Master's work is never done. The Development team needs your support, the Product Owner is often lost in the complexities of agile product management, and your managers and stakeholders need to know what will be done, by when, and for how much. Learn how experienced Scrum Masters balance the demands of these three levels of servant leadership while removing organizational impediments and helping Scrum Teams deliver real world value. Discover how to visualize your work, resolve impediments, and empower your teams to self-organize and deliver using the Scrum Values, Agile Principles, and advanced coaching and facilitation techniques.

A Scrum Master needs to know when their team is in trouble and understand how to help them get back on the path to delivery. Become a better Scrum master so you can find the problems holding your teams back. Has your Daily Scrum turned in to a meeting? Does your team struggle with creating user stories? Are stakeholders disengaged during Sprint Review? These issues are common. Learn to use empiricism as your guide and help your teams create great products.

Scrum is so much more than a checklist of practices to follow, yet that's exactly how many organizations practice it. Bring life back to your Scrum events by using advanced facilitation techniques to leverage the full intelligence of your team. Improve your retrospectives with new formats and exercises. Ask powerful questions that spark introspection and improvement. Get support and buy-in from management. Use Scrum as a competitive advantage for your organization. Create a definition of done that improves quality and fix failing sprints.

Take the next step on your journey as a Scrum master. Transform your Scrum practices to help your teams enjoy their work again as they deliver high quality products that bring value to the world.

What You Need:

A moderate level of experience using the Scrum Framework.


一位 Scrum Master 的工作永無止境。開發團隊需要你的支持,產品負責人常常迷失在敏捷產品管理的複雜性中,而你的管理者和利益相關者需要知道什麼時候完成、在什麼時候完成以及花費多少。學習有經驗的 Scrum Master 如何平衡這三個層次的服務領導需求,同時消除組織障礙並幫助 Scrum 團隊提供真實的價值。探索如何視覺化你的工作、解決障礙並賦予團隊自組織和交付的能力,使用 Scrum 的價值觀、敏捷原則以及高級教練和促進技巧。

一位 Scrum Master 需要知道何時團隊遇到困難,並了解如何幫助他們重新走上交付的道路。成為一位更好的 Scrum Master,以便找出阻礙團隊進展的問題。你的每日 Scrum 變成了一個會議嗎?你的團隊在創建用戶故事方面遇到困難嗎?Sprint Review 過程中利益相關者不參與嗎?這些問題很常見。學習使用經驗主義作為指南,幫助你的團隊創建出色的產品。

Scrum 不僅僅是一個要遵循的實踐清單,然而許多組織卻僅僅如此。通過使用高級促進技巧來喚起團隊的全部智慧,為你的 Scrum 事件注入活力。通過新的格式和練習改進你的回顧會議。提出引人深思和改進的有力問題。獲得管理層的支持和認同。將 Scrum 作為組織的競爭優勢。創建一個改善品質並解決失敗迭代的完成定義。

作為一位 Scrum Master,邁出你的下一步。改變你的 Scrum 實踐,幫助你的團隊重新享受他們的工作,同時交付高品質的產品,為世界帶來價值。

具有中等程度的 Scrum 框架使用經驗。


A professional Scrum trainer with, Ryan Ripley has worked as a software developer, manager, director, and Scrum Master at various Fortune 500 companies in the medical device, wholesale, and financial services industries. He is host of "Agile for Humans," the top agile podcast on iTunes. Ryan lives in Indiana with his wife, Kristin, and three children. He blogs at and is on Twitter @ryanripley.

Todd Miller has practical experience as a Scrum Master, Product Owner, Software Developer, and Agile coach on a variety of technical and creative projects across a multitude of industries. He has been a professional Scrum trainer with 2016. Todd lives in Pennsylvania with his wife Jessica and two children. His blogs can be found on the website and his twitter handle is @todd_miller11.


Ryan Ripley是一位在Scrum.org擔任專業Scrum培訓師的人,他曾在醫療設備、批發和金融服務行業的多家財富500強公司擔任軟體開發人員、經理、主管和Scrum Master。他是iTunes上最受歡迎的敏捷專題播客《Agile for Humans》的主持人。Ryan與妻子Kristin和三個孩子一起居住在印第安納州。他在ryanripley.com上撰寫部落格,並在Twitter上的帳號是@ryanripley。

Todd Miller在各種行業的技術和創意項目中擔任Scrum Master、產品負責人、軟體開發人員和敏捷教練,具有實際經驗。他自2016年起成為Scrum.org的專業Scrum培訓師。Todd與妻子Jessica和兩個孩子一起居住在賓夕法尼亞州。他的部落格可以在Scrum.org網站上找到,他的Twitter帳號是@todd_miller11。