ASP.NET Core and Vue.js: Build real-world, scalable, full-stack applications using Vue.js 3, TypeScript, .NET 5, and Azure (Paperback)

Duldulao, Devlin Basilan



A guide to building enterprise, cloud-ready full-stack web applications using TypeScript, Vue.js 3, and ASP.NET Core 5 for busy developers


Key Features:

  • Learn how to implement clean architecture in the latest ASP.NET Core 5 Web API
  • Develop Vue.js 3 single-page applications (SPAs) using TypeScript or JavaScript programming and Vuex state management
  • Secure, test, and deploy your full-stack web application to Azure Cloud


Book Description:

Vue.js 3 is faster and smaller than the previous version, and TypeScript's full support out of the box makes it a more maintainable and easier-to-use version of Vue.js. Then, there's ASP.NET Core 5, which is the fastest .NET web framework today. Together, Vue.js for the frontend and ASP.NET Core 5 for the backend make a powerful combination. This book follows a hands-on approach to implementing practical methodologies for building robust applications using ASP.NET Core 5 and Vue.js 3. The topics here are not deep dive and the book is intended for busy .NET developers who have limited time and want a quick implementation of a clean architecture with popular libraries.


You'll start by setting up your web app's backend, guided by clean architecture, command query responsibility segregation (CQRS), mediator pattern, and Entity Framework Core 5. The book then shows you how to build the frontend application using best practices, state management with Vuex, Vuetify UI component libraries, Vuelidate for input validations, lazy loading with Vue Router, and JWT authentication. Later, you'll focus on testing and deployment. All the tutorials in this book support Windows 10, macOS, and Linux users.


By the end of this book, you'll be able to build an enterprise full-stack web app, use the most common npm packages for Vue.js and NuGet packages for ASP.NET Core, and deploy Vue.js and ASP.NET Core to Azure App Service using GitHub Actions.


What You Will Learn:

  • Discover CQRS and mediator pattern in the ASP.NET Core 5 Web API
  • Use Serilog, MediatR, FluentValidation, and Redis in ASP.NET
  • Explore common Vue.js packages such as Vuelidate, Vuetify, and Vuex
  • Manage complex app states using the Vuex state management library
  • Write integration tests in ASP.NET Core using xUnit and FluentAssertions
  • Deploy your app to Microsoft Azure using the new GitHub Actions for continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD)


Who this book is for:

This app development book is for .NET developers who want to get started with Vue.js and build full-stack real-world enterprise web applications. Developers looking to build a proof-of-concept application quickly and pragmatically using their existing knowledge of ASP.NET Core as well as developers who want to write readable and maintainable code using TypeScript and the C# programming language will also find this book useful. The book assumes intermediate-level .NET knowledge along with an understanding of C# programming, JavaScript, and ECMAScript.


一本針對忙碌開發者的指南,教你如何使用TypeScript、Vue.js 3和ASP.NET Core 5建立企業級、雲端準備的全端網頁應用程式。

- 學習如何在最新的ASP.NET Core 5 Web API中實現乾淨的架構
- 使用TypeScript或JavaScript編程和Vuex狀態管理開發Vue.js 3單頁應用程式(SPA)
- 將全端網頁應用程式安全地測試並部署到Azure雲端

Vue.js 3比之前的版本更快、更小,而TypeScript的全面支援使其成為更易於維護和使用的Vue.js版本。此外,ASP.NET Core 5是目前最快的.NET網頁框架。Vue.js作為前端和ASP.NET Core 5作為後端的組合非常強大。本書以實踐方法為基礎,以實現使用ASP.NET Core 5和Vue.js 3建立強大應用程式的實用方法為重點。本書的主題並不深入,適合時間有限且希望快速實現使用流行庫的乾淨架構的忙碌.NET開發者。

你將從設置網頁應用程式的後端開始,使用乾淨的架構、命令查詢責任分離(CQRS)、中介者模式和Entity Framework Core 5進行引導。然後,本書將向你展示如何使用最佳實踐建立前端應用程式,包括使用Vuex進行狀態管理、Vuetify UI元件庫、Vuelidate進行輸入驗證、使用Vue Router進行延遲加載以及JWT身份驗證。之後,你將專注於測試和部署。本書中的所有教程都支援Windows 10、macOS和Linux用戶。

通過閱讀本書,你將能夠建立一個企業級全端網頁應用程式,使用Vue.js的常見npm套件和ASP.NET Core的NuGet套件,並使用GitHub Actions將Vue.js和ASP.NET Core部署到Azure App Service。

- 在ASP.NET Core 5 Web API中了解CQRS和中介者模式
- 在ASP.NET中使用Serilog、MediatR、FluentValidation和Redis
- 探索常見的Vue.js套件,如Vuelidate、Vuetify和Vuex
- 使用Vuex狀態管理庫管理複雜的應用程式狀態
- 使用xUnit和FluentAssertions在ASP.NET Core中撰寫整合測試
- 使用新的GitHub Actions進行持續整合和持續部署(CI/CD)將應用程式部署到Microsoft Azure

本書適合對Vue.js和建立全端實際企業級網頁應用程式有興趣的.NET開發者。希望快速且實用地使用現有的ASP.NET Core知識建立概念驗證應用程式的開發者,以及希望使用TypeScript和C#編程語言撰寫可讀性高且易於維護的程式碼的開發者也會發現本書有用。本書假設讀者具有中級水平的.NET知識,並瞭解C#編程語言、JavaScript和ECMAScript。