Spring Security 3

Peter Mularien

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  • 出版日期: 2010-05-20
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  • 語言: 英文
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  • 裝訂: Paperback
  • ISBN: 1847199747
  • ISBN-13: 9781847199744
  • 相關分類: Java 相關技術資訊安全
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Secure your web applications against malicious intruders with this easy to follow practical guide
  • Make your web applications impenetrable.
  • Implement authentication and authorization of users.
  • Integrate Spring Security 3 with common external security providers.
  • Packed full with concrete, simple, and concise examples.

In Detail

Security is of critical importance to all web applications. Vulnerable applications are easy prey for hackers. This book is the perfect tool for Java developers looking to repel attacks against their web applications using the proven Spring Security library to achieve this.

A comprehensive guide to Spring Security 3. You will learn through real world business scenarios how to guard against the latest threats. You will also learn to combine Spring Security 3 with external security providers such as LDAP, OpenID, CAS, Kerberos, and Active Directory.

The book starts by giving an overview of security concepts and techniques, as well as setup and configuration. The book then gets you working with a JSP based web application that implements a simple e-commerce website. At this point you will progressively enhance the application giving you hands on experience implementing features of Spring Security 3 in real world business scenarios.

The second half of the book is devoted to common integration scenarios that you will come accross every day. At this stage you will be in a position to solve specific, complex integration problems. The book will end by showing migration from Spring Security 2 to 3.

This practical guide will show you how to implement Spring Security 3 and protect your applications from being breached using a combination of real world, straightforward examples.

What you will learn from this book

  • Recognize design flaws that will make your applications unsafe.
  • Implement basic authorization and credential storage.
  • Move seamlessly from Spring Security 2 to Spring Security 3.
  • Provide Enterprise adaptability with LDAP, Active Directory, and Kerberos.
  • Push the Boundaries of Spring Security 3 through Extension and Customization.
  • Integrate in-house applications and popular Java frameworks with Spring Security 3.
  • Plan the configuration of Spring Security 3 to accommodate the authentication and authorization requirements of your application.


The book starts by teaching the basic fundamentals of Spring Security 3 such as setup and configuration. Later it looks at more advanced topics showing the reader how to solve complex real world security issues.

Who this book is written for

This book is for Java developers who build web projects and applications. The book assumes basic familiarity with Java, XML and the Spring Framework. Newcomers to Spring Security will still be able to utilize all aspects of this book.



- 讓您的網路應用程式無法被入侵。
- 實施使用者的身份驗證和授權。
- 將 Spring Security 3 與常見的外部安全提供者整合。
- 充滿具體、簡單和簡潔的範例。

安全對於所有網路應用程式都至關重要。易受攻擊的應用程式容易成為駭客的目標。本書是Java開發人員的完美工具,使用經過驗證的Spring Security庫來抵禦對其網路應用程式的攻擊。

這是一本全面的Spring Security 3指南。通過真實的商業場景,您將學習如何防範最新的威脅。您還將學習如何將Spring Security 3與LDAP、OpenID、CAS、Kerberos和Active Directory等外部安全提供者整合。

本書首先概述了安全概念和技術,以及設置和配置。然後,您將使用基於JSP的網路應用程式開始工作,該應用程式實現了一個簡單的電子商務網站。在這一點上,您將逐步增強應用程式,並在真實的商業場景中實踐Spring Security 3的功能。

本書的後半部分專注於您每天都會遇到的常見整合場景。在這個階段,您將能夠解決特定的複雜整合問題。本書最後將展示如何從Spring Security 2遷移到3。

這本實用指南將向您展示如何實施Spring Security 3,並使用一系列真實世界的簡單範例保護您的應用程式免受入侵。

- 辨識會使您的應用程式不安全的設計缺陷。
- 實施基本的授權和憑證存儲。
- 從Spring Security 2無縫遷移到Spring Security 3。
- 使用LDAP、Active Directory和Kerberos提供企業適應性。
- 通過擴展和自定義推動Spring Security 3的界限。
- 將內部應用程式和流行的Java框架與Spring Security 3整合。
- 計劃Spring Security 3的配置,以滿足您應用程式的身份驗證和授權需求。

本書首先教授Spring Security 3的基本基礎知識,例如設置和配置。然後,它將介紹更高級的主題,向讀者展示如何解決複雜的現實世界安全問題。

本書適用於構建網路專案和應用程式的Java開發人員。本書假設讀者對Java、XML和Spring Framework有基本的熟悉。對於初次接觸Spring Security的讀者,仍然可以利用本書的所有內容。