Digital Principles and Design (Hardcover)

Donald (State University of New Givone




1.特殊且徹底的描述以Boolean語法簡化Karnaugh圖,用Quine McCluskey方法來解釋單一網路及多樣性網路。
2.書中強調:可變的進入的Karnaugh圖(Variable-entered Karnaugh maps)。
3.CD-ROM中包含:Altera's advanced Max plus II CAD system,Multisim 2001 Textbook Edition from Electronics Workbench
,這CD-ROM中的軟體提供有力的,容易上手的圖解讓學生獲取,並提供正確的模擬軟體包含SPICE/VHDL/Verilog HDL/RF。
The emphasis in the book is on the thorough presentation of basic principles of logic design and the illustration of these principles. While many introductory texts only provide the mechanics of classical logic design, Givone provides justifications behind these procedures to give students the understanding they need for the advanced topics they will learn about in subsequent courses. Some of the topics that the book thoroughly presents include: the
4.詳細解析各程式碼,使讀者能夠充份了解物件導向的精髓及程式設maps, variable-entered Karnaugh maps, and the analysis and design of both clocked synchronous sequential networks and asynchronous sequential networks. Every book contains a CD-ROM with Altera’s advanced MAX+plus II 10.1 Student Edition CAD system, as well as Multisim 2001 Textbook Edition from Electronics Workbench. An appendix and the book website provide additional resources on these software tools, as well as LogicWorks.


Table of Contents:

1 Introduction
2 Number Systems, Arithmetic, and Codes
3 Boolean Algebra and Combinational Networks
4 Simplification of Boolean Expressions
5 Logic Design with MSI Components and Programmable Logic
6 Flip-flops and Simple Flip-flop Applications
7 Synchronous Sequential Networks
8 Algorithmic State Machines
9 Asynchronous Sequential Networks
Appendix Digital Circuits
Appendix Altera and LogicWorks Tutorials


1. 本書詳細描述了使用布林語法簡化Karnaugh圖的特殊方法,並使用Quine McCluskey方法解釋單一網路和多樣性網路。
2. 本書強調可變的進入Karnaugh圖(Variable-entered Karnaugh maps)。
3. CD-ROM中包含了Altera的高級Max plus II CAD系統,以及Electronics Workbench的Multisim 2001教材版。這些軟體提供了強大且易於上手的圖解,讓學生能夠獲取正確的模擬軟體,包括SPICE/VHDL/Verilog HDL/RF。
4. 本書強調基本邏輯設計原則的詳細介紹和示範。許多入門教材只提供傳統邏輯設計的操作方法,而Givone則提供了這些程序背後的理論依據,讓學生能夠理解他們在後續課程中學習的高級主題所需的知識。本書詳細介紹的主題包括:Karnaugh圖、可變進入Karnaugh圖、以及時鐘同步順序網路和非同步順序網路的分析和設計。
每本書都附有一個CD-ROM,其中包含Altera的高級MAX+plus II 10.1學生版CAD系統,以及Electronics Workbench的Multisim 2001教材版。附錄和書籍網站提供了有關這些軟體工具以及LogicWorks的其他資源。

1. 引言
2. 數字系統、算術和編碼
3. 布林代數和組合網路
4. 布林表達式的簡化
5. 使用MSI元件和可程式邏輯裝置進行邏輯設計
6. 觸發器和簡單的觸發器應用
7. 同步順序網路
8. 算法狀態機
9. 非同步順序網路