The Freedom Economy: Gaining the mCommerce Edge in the Era of the Wireless Inter

Peter G. W. Keen, Ron Mackintosh, Mikko Heikkonen




The latest in our ComputerWorld Books for IT Leaders series, this book offers sensible, authoritative advice for managing businesses in this new era of wireless tools, technologies, and applications. It provides a practical roadmap for realizing the rewards that wireless technology offers, and explains the current reality of wireless commerce.

Praise for Keen & McDonalds The eProcess Edge:

Extensive hype and overvaluation of companies engaged in eBusiness have raised much concern in top management and financial circles. This book is one of the strongest to help nontechnical managers get beyond the hype to understand the permanent value that will come from applying the Internet to core processes in every kind of business, old and new.
- Mario Morino, Chairman of the Morino Institute, and former Chairman, Legent Corporation

For those of us innovating in the technology field, it is refreshing to see such an imaginative and practical book. This is a book executives in eCommerce simply must have. - Ed Newman, Chairman, President, and CEP, Xybernaut Corporation

Anyone can do electronic commerce, but not everyone can do it well and profitably. Keen and McDonalds research demonstrates how to combine Internet technology with the process virtues of efficiency and effectiveness. Both new and old economy firms find it invaluable.
- Thomas H. Davenport, Director, Andersen Consulting Institute for Strategic Change, and Professor, Boston University School of Management


這本書是我們《ComputerWorld IT Leaders系列》中的最新作品,提供了在這個無線工具、技術和應用新時代中管理企業的明智而權威的建議。它提供了實用的路線圖,以實現無線技術所帶來的回報,並解釋了無線商業的現實情況。

對於Keen和McDonalds的《The eProcess Edge》的讚譽:


- Mario Morino,Morino Institute主席,前Legent Corporation主席


- Ed Newman,Xybernaut Corporation主席、總裁和首席執行官


- Thomas H. Davenport,Andersen Consulting Institute for Strategic Change主任,波士頓大學管理學院教授