Dot-Com and Beyond: Breakthrough Internet-based Architectures and Methodologies (Paperback)

Sun Professional Services: The .com Experts, Sun Professional Services: The .com Experts

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  • 出版日期: 2001-06-11
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  • 語言: 英文
  • 頁數: 336
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  • ISBN-13: 9780130622976
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Today and in the future, your business is on the network.The real dot-com revolution is yet to come.

Dot-Com & Beyond introduces the breakthrough methodologies, architectures, and best practices that will enable you to take full advantage of the 21st-Century Internet. It provides indispensable guidance to Senior Technical Developers, Technical Architects, IT Project Managers, Technical Managers, CIOs, and CTOs responsible for designing and developing Internet-based infrastructures and services.

Based on the deep knowledge and extensive experience of the experts in Sun's .Com Consulting group, Dot-Com & Beyond focuses on the proven architectural models, design patterns, and methodologies architects and developers need to build Internet-based infrastructure components that meet real-world business requirements. Managers focused on the emerging business and computing needs of their companies will also learn how to understand and define the system requirements and capabilities essential to meeting long-term business goals.


Chapter 1, The Dot-Com Landscape: A View From 10,000 Feet, provides an overview of today's Internet landscape and the business opportunities inherent in the networked age.

Chapter 2, The CNN Moment: Trouble in Paradise, describes the CNN Moment—the damaging public infrastructure failure often experienced by dot-com enterprises—and outlines its most common causes.

Chapter 3, The Naked Cowboy: Warning Signs in the Dot-Com Age, further explores the telltale symptoms of impending disaster within IT organizations, both traditional and cutting-edge, large and small.

Chapter 4, The New Wave: Architecture to the Rescue, explains the theoretical underpinnings of Sun Microsystems' approach to creating successful dot-com infrastructures.

Chapter 5, Built to Last: Designing for Systemic Qualities, examines the importance of systemic qualities such as availability and scalability to any Internet-based system, and provides strategies and tactics for developing, implementing, and integrating them.

Chapter 6, Getting to Dot-Com: The SunTone Engineering Methodology, describes the key elements of stakeholders, artifacts, iterated phases, and workflows that provide a rigorous and tested blueprint for creating dot-com systems.

Chapter 7, Don't Eat the Boat: Managing Dot-Com Projects, shares the knowledge and experience of Sun's project managers that will help you keep dot-com projects on track and bring them to a successful conclusion.

Chapter 8, Not Rocket Science: A Dot-Com Case Study, illustrates the successful architecture, design, construction, validation, and deployment of a complex commercial Internet-based system.

Chapter 9, The Next Generation: Future Dot-Com Infrastructures, explores current and coming changes in the Internet landscape, and some emerging trends in network-based infrastructures and services that make the wisdom of Dot-Com & Beyond vital to businesses everywhere.


今天和未來,您的業務都在網絡上。真正的互聯網革命尚未到來。《Dot-Com & Beyond》介紹了突破性的方法論、架構和最佳實踐,讓您充分利用21世紀的互聯網。它為負責設計和開發基於互聯網基礎設施和服務的高級技術開發人員、技術架構師、IT項目經理、技術經理、CIO和CTO提供了不可或缺的指導。

《Dot-Com & Beyond》基於Sun的.Com咨詢團隊的專業知識和豐富經驗,專注於已證實的架構模型、設計模式和方法論,這些架構師和開發人員需要構建滿足現實業務需求的基於互聯網的基礎設施組件。關注公司新興業務和計算需求的經理們還將學習如何理解和定義滿足長期業務目標所必需的系統需求和能力。

第4章《新浪潮:架構拯救》解釋了Sun Microsystems創建成功的互聯網基礎設施的理論基礎。
第9章《下一代:未來的Dot-Com基礎設施》探討了互聯網景觀的當前和即將到來的變化,以及一些新興的基於網絡的基礎設施和服務趨勢,使《Dot-Com & Beyond》的智慧對全球企業至關重要。