Just Enough Wireless Computing

Ian S. Hayes



This book will clarify and distill key information about select wireless topics. The book offers simple methodology, complete with forms and checklists, to guide readers through the process of selecting and assembling the right wireless solution for their needs. The book will support topics with case studies, examples, illustrations, a glossary of terminology and an extensive list of software and consulting vendors.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction.
2. How Wireless Can Help.
3. How Others Are Using Wireless.
4. Recognizing an Opportunity.
5. Defining a Solution.
6. Justifying the Solution.
7. Implementing the Solution.
8. Management Considerations.
9. Solution Considerations.
10. Wireless Devices.
11. Wireless Networks
12. Wireless Applications.
13. Support.
Appendix A. Wireless Business Requirements Questionnaire.
Appendix B. Solution Providers Offering Wireless Functionality.
Appendix C. Glossary of Terms.



1. 簡介
2. 無線通信的幫助
3. 其他人如何使用無線通信
4. 辨識機會
5. 定義解決方案
6. 證明解決方案的合理性
7. 實施解決方案
8. 管理考慮
9. 解決方案考慮事項
10. 無線設備
11. 無線網絡
12. 無線應用
13. 支援
附錄A. 無線業務需求問卷
附錄B. 提供無線功能的解決方案供應商
附錄C. 術語詞彙表