Learning Android Application Programming for the Kindle Fire: A Hands-On Guide to Building Your First Android Application (Paperback)

Lauren Darcey, Shane Conder

  • 出版商: Addison Wesley
  • 出版日期: 2012-07-23
  • 售價: $1,400
  • 貴賓價: 9.5$1,330
  • 語言: 英文
  • 頁數: 352
  • 裝訂: Paperback
  • ISBN: 032183397X
  • ISBN-13: 9780321833976
  • 相關分類: Android
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Master Android™ App Development for Amazon’s Bestselling Kindle Fire™—Hands-On, Step-by-Step!

In this book, bestselling Android programming authors Lauren Darcey and Shane Conder teach you every skill and technique you need to write production-quality apps for Amazon Kindle Fire, the world’s hottest Android tablet. You’ll learn the very best way: by building a complete app from start to finish. Every chapter builds on what you’ve already learned, helping you construct, expand, and extend your working app as you move through the entire development lifecycle.

Packed with fully tested, reusable sample code, this book requires absolutely no previous Android or mobile development experience. If you’ve ever written any Java code, you can dive right in and get results fast. Darcey and Conder start with the absolute basics: installing Android development tools, structuring and configuring Kindle Fire apps, and applying crucial design principles associated with high-quality software. Next, building on this strong foundation, you’ll learn how to manage application resources and build application frameworks; integrate user interfaces, logic, and support for networking and web services; test your apps; and publish on the Amazon Appstore.

Coverage includes
  • Establishing an efficient development environment and setting up your first project
  • Mastering Android fundamentals and adapting them to the Kindle Fire
  • Building reusable prototypes that define a framework for production projects
  • Incorporating strings, graphics, styles, templates, and other app and system resources
  • Developing screens, from splash screens and main menus to settings and help
  • Displaying dialogs and collecting user input
  • Controlling app state, saving settings, and launching specific activities
  • Internationalizing Kindle Fire apps to reach wider markets
  • Setting application identity and permissions
  • Preparing your app for publication


掌握Android™應用程式開發,為亞馬遜暢銷的Kindle Fire™進行實戰式、逐步學習!

在這本書中,暢銷的Android程式設計作家Lauren Darcey和Shane Conder將教授您撰寫Amazon Kindle Fire的生產品質應用程式所需的每個技能和技巧,這是全球最熱門的Android平板電腦。您將透過從頭到尾建立一個完整應用程式的方式學習最佳方法。每一章節都建立在您已經學到的基礎上,幫助您在整個開發生命週期中構建、擴展和延伸您的工作應用程式。

這本書充滿了經過全面測試且可重複使用的範例程式碼,絕對不需要任何先前的Android或移動應用程式開發經驗。如果您曾經寫過任何Java程式碼,您可以立即開始並快速獲得結果。Darcey和Conder從絕對基礎開始:安裝Android開發工具、結構和配置Kindle Fire應用程式,以及應用於高品質軟體的重要設計原則。接下來,在這個堅實的基礎上,您將學習如何管理應用程式資源和建立應用程式框架;整合使用者介面、邏輯和網路和網路服務的支援;測試您的應用程式;並在亞馬遜應用商店上發佈。

- 建立高效的開發環境並設置您的第一個專案
- 掌握Android基礎知識並適應Kindle Fire
- 建立可重複使用的原型,為生產專案定義框架
- 整合字串、圖形、樣式、範本和其他應用程式和系統資源
- 開發螢幕,從啟動畫面和主選單到設定和說明
- 顯示對話框並收集使用者輸入
- 控制應用程式狀態,保存設定並啟動特定活動
- 將Kindle Fire應用程式國際化以擴大市場範圍
- 設定應用程式身份和權限
- 準備您的應用程式發佈