Introduction to Mathematical Statistics, 8/e (GE-Paperback)

Robert V. Hogg , Joeseph W. Mckean , Allen T. Craig

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Comprehensive coverage of mathematical statistics – with a proven approach
Introduction to Mathematical Statistics by Hogg, McKean, and Craig enhances student comprehension and retention with numerous, illustrative examples and exercises. Classical statistical inference procedures in estimation and testing are explored extensively, and the text’s flexible organization makes it ideal for a range of mathematical statistics courses.

Substantial changes to the 8th Edition – many based on user feedback – help students appreciate the connection between statistical theory and statistical practice, while other changes enhance the development and discussion of the statistical theory presented.

1. Many additional real data sets to illustrate statistical methods or compare methods.

2. Expanded use of the statistical software R, a powerful statistical language which is free and can run on all three main platforms. However, instructors can choose another statistical package if desired.

3. Downloadable, supplemented mathematical review material in Appendix A: reviews sequences, infinite series, differentiation, and integration (univariate and bivariate).

4. Expanded discussion of iterated integrals, with added figures to clarify discussion.

5. A new subsection on the bivariate normal distribution begins the section on the multivariate normal distribution in Chapter 3 (Some Special Distributions).

6. Several important topics have been added, including Tukey’s multiple comparison procedure in Chapter 9 (Inferences About Normal Linear Models)and confidence intervals for the correlation coefficients found in Chapters 9 and 10 (Nonparametric and Robust Statistics).

7. Discussion on standard errors for estimates obtained by bootstrapping the sample is now offered in Chapter 7 (Sufficiency).

Several topics that were discussed in the Exercises are now discussed in the text, including quantiles in Section 1.7.1 and hazard functions in Section 3.3.


Ch 1 Probability and Distributions
Ch 2 Multivariate Distributions
Ch 3 Some Special Distributions
Ch 4 Some Elementary Statistical Inferences
Ch 5 Consistency and Limiting Distributions
Ch 6 Maximum Likelihood Methods
Ch 7 Sufficiency
Ch 8 Optimal Tests of Hypotheses
Ch 9 Inferences About Normal Linear Models
Ch10 Nonparametric and Robust Statistics
Ch11 Bayesian Statistics