Pro Sync Framework (Paperback)

Rituraj Singh, Joydip Kanjilal

  • 出版商: Apress
  • 出版日期: 2008-11-21
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  • 售價: 5.0$900
  • 語言: 英文
  • 頁數: 352
  • 裝訂: Paperback
  • ISBN: 1430210052
  • ISBN-13: 9781430210054
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The Sync Framework is Microsoft’s latest innovation to deal with the dilemma of occasionally connected systems. It is a comprehensive synchronization platform that enables collaboration and offline access for applications, services, and devices. In particular, it features technologies and tools that enable device roaming, sharing, and the ability to take networked data offline before synchronizing it back to the networked application at a later time.

Pro Sync Framework concludes with a working example that shows how the techniques you’ve learned can be used to create a versatile application, adaptable to a wide variety of connectivity and synchronization challenges.

What you’ll learn

  • Explore the subject through text written in a tight, code–centric style that focuses on the issues you need to know.
  • Learn through a hands–on approach that demonstrates the techniques practically rather than talking about them theoretically.
  • See how it works through a step–by–step guide to mastering the framework.
  • Understand the coding best–practices that are developing for the Sync Framework.
  • Explore a fully worked sample application that shows all the concepts in action.

Who this book is for

This book is aimed at Microsoft .NET developers who want to use the Sync Framework to enable their applications to switch seamlessly between online and offline data access modes. Because the authors concentrate on Sync and do not cover the basics of the .NET Framework, this book is suitable for intermediate developers and upward.


Sync Framework 是微軟最新的創新,用於處理偶爾斷線的系統困境。它是一個全面的同步平台,可實現應用程序、服務和設備的協作和離線訪問。特別是,它具有技術和工具,可以實現設備漫遊、共享以及在將網絡數據同步回網絡應用程序之前離線使用。

了解微軟的 Sync Framework 如何用於構建各種應用程序和協作選項。全面介紹 Sync Framework,以及高度專注於代碼的方法,將為您提供對 Sync 理論概念及其在日常代碼中的應用的扎實基礎。

Pro Sync Framework 最後通過一個實例展示了您所學技術如何用於創建一個多功能應用程序,適應各種連接和同步挑戰。

- 以緊湊、以代碼為中心的風格通過文本探索主題,重點關注您需要了解的問題。
- 通過實踐方法學習,實際演示技術,而不是理論上談論它們。
- 通過逐步指南了解它的工作原理。
- 理解 Sync Framework 的編碼最佳實踐。
- 探索一個完整的樣本應用程序,展示所有概念的實際運作。

本書適合對於使用 Sync Framework 實現應用程序在線和離線數據訪問模式之間無縫切換的微軟 .NET 開發人員。由於作者專注於 Sync,並未涵蓋 .NET Framework 的基礎知識,因此本書適合中級開發人員及以上。