UX Strategy: Product Strategy Techniques for Devising Innovative Digital Solutions, 2/e

Levy, Jaime



User experience (UX) strategy requires a careful blend of business strategy and UX design, and this hands-on guide offers an easy-to-apply framework for executing it. It is packed with product strategy tools and tactics to help you and your team craft innovative solutions that people want. This second edition includes new real-world examples, updated techniques and a chapter on conducting qualitative online user research.

Whether you're a UX/UI designer, product manager/owner, entrepreneur, or member of a corporate innovation team, this book teaches simple to advanced methods that you can use in your work right away. You'll also gain perspective on the subject matter through historical context and case studies.


  • Define value propositions and validate target users through provisional personas and customer discovery techniques
  • Conduct methodical competitive research on direct and indirect competitors and create an analysis brief to decisively guide stakeholders
  • Use storyboarding and rapid prototyping for designing experiments that focus on the value innovation and business model of your product
  • Learn how to conduct user research online to get valuable insights quickly on any budget
  • Test business ideas and validate marketing channels by running online advertising and landing page campaigns





- 通過臨時人物角色和客戶發現技術來定義價值主張並驗證目標使用者
- 對直接和間接競爭對手進行有系統的競爭研究,並創建分析簡報以明確指導利益相關者
- 使用故事板和快速原型設計實驗,專注於產品的價值創新和商業模式
- 學習如何在任何預算下進行線上使用者研究,以快速獲得有價值的見解
- 通過運行線上廣告和登陸頁面活動來測試商業想法並驗證營銷渠道


Jaime Levy is an author, university professor and a user experience strategist. For more than 25 years, Jaime has been a pioneer in the creation of innovative digital products and services. She runs her UX design and strategy consultancy out of Los Angeles, California. Her specialty is as a strategist and experience design lead for the implementation phase from anything from MVPs to insanely complicated large-scale transactional websites. Her employees and contractors have all been personally trained to deliver professional services while working as team players.

Current/recent clients range from prestigious ad/interactive agencies (i.e. TBWA, Razorfish, Crispin Porter), Internet start-ups (i.e. TradeYa, Book Your Care, Plotto), and behemoth corporations (i.e. Cisco Systems, Sony, Honda).

Jaime also teaches a graduate-level course on UX design and strategy at University of Southern California's Viterbi School of Engineering. Jaime speaks at design and innovation conferences worldwide and conducts public workshops and in-house training.


Jaime Levy是一位作家、大學教授和用戶體驗策略師。在過去的25年中,Jaime一直是創新數字產品和服務的先驅者。她在加利福尼亞州洛杉磯經營著自己的用戶體驗設計和策略咨詢公司。她的專長是作為策略師和體驗設計負責人,在從MVP到極其複雜的大規模交易網站的實施階段提供服務。她的員工和承包商都接受過個人培訓,以在團隊合作中提供專業服務。

目前/最近的客戶包括知名廣告/互動代理商(如TBWA、Razorfish、Crispin Porter)、互聯網初創公司(如TradeYa、Book Your Care、Plotto)和巨頭企業(如思科系統、索尼、本田)。