Using Audition

Ron Dabbs

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  • 出版日期: 2004-05-09
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  • 語言: 英文
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  • ISBN-13: 9781578202409
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Use Audition 1.5 for:

  • Multitrack Recording
  • Editing and Looping
  • Mixing & Effects
  • Mastering

Finish your video and multimedia projects with compelling audio tracks. From the first recording to the final mix or encode, this guide to Audition 1.5 delivers the working knowledge you need to master the aural aspects of your project. Beginning with an accessible review of the essentials of audio production you get practical examples and tutorials that demonstrate all the techniques you need-whether you are adding narration, getting out the hum, fitting the music key to your singer's range or using loops to create custom, royalty-free, music tracks.

Create tracks with the confidence that you have practical training. Author Ron Dabbs is a seasoned pro with 30 years of diverse experience. You get step-by-step instruction on how to record sound, edit, use loops, mix and everything in between including how to:

  • Install Audition and optimize the system for peak performance
  • Navigate and customize the interface
  • Apply basic recording and miking techniques
  • Edit, add effects, and assemble tracks
  • Use multitrack recording, MIDI files, and ReWire, to enhance tracks
  • Analyze audio content to identify and resolve problems
  • Mix and master for Compact Disc and Surround Sound

Optimize your tools. Audition offers unparalleled integration with other Adobe applications. Speed your production with the use of application options, scripting, shortcuts, workflow-integration techniques, and SMPTE synchronization. The companion CD includes demos of music loop libraries, third-party DirectX and VST plug-ins, filters, encoding software, utilities, and other resources that will help you crank up the volume.

USER LEVEL: Novice to Advanced


使用 Audition 1.5 進行以下操作:
- 多軌錄音
- 編輯和循環
- 混音和效果
- 母帶處理

以引人入勝的音頻軌完成您的視頻和多媒體項目。從第一次錄音到最終混音或編碼,這本關於 Audition 1.5 的指南將為您提供掌握項目聲音方面所需的實用知識。從對音頻製作基本要素的易於理解的回顧開始,您將獲得實用示例和教程,演示您所需的所有技術,無論您是添加旁白,消除嗡嗡聲,將音樂調整到歌手的音域還是使用循環創建定制的免版稅音樂軌。

創建音軌時,您可以放心地擁有實用的培訓。作者 Ron Dabbs 是一位經驗豐富的專業人士,擁有30年的多樣化經驗。您將逐步了解如何錄製聲音、編輯、使用循環、混音以及包括以下內容的其他所有操作:
- 安裝 Audition 並優化系統以達到最佳性能
- 導航和自定義界面
- 應用基本錄音和麥克風技術
- 編輯、添加效果和組合軌道
- 使用多軌錄音、MIDI 文件和 ReWire 增強軌道
- 分析音頻內容以識別和解決問題
- 混音和母帶處理以適應緊湊光盤和環繞聲

優化您的工具。Audition 與其他 Adobe 應用程序無與倫比地集成。通過應用程序選項、腳本、快捷方式、工作流集成技術和 SMPTE 同步,加快您的生產速度。附帶的 CD 包含音樂循環庫、第三方 DirectX 和 VST 插件、濾鏡、編碼軟件、實用工具和其他資源的演示,這些將幫助您提高音量。