The Business Guide to Selling Through Internet Auctions: A Proven Seven-Step Plan for Selling to Consumers and Other Businesses

Nancy L. Hix




A Proven Seven-Step Plan for Selling to Consumers and Other Businesses

Internet Auctions are the New Online Marketplace!

Internet Auctions started as small online flea markets but have now become serious, full-scale marketing channels. Businesses of all types, from one-person start ups to big names like J.C. Penny and Sun Microsystems, have learned first hand that Internet auctions can deliver millions of paying customers. The Internet auction site eBay, for example, welcomes over 5 million visitors every month! And that's just one of over 300 Internet auction sites operating on the Internet today operated by respected names like Yahoo!, Amazon, and Priceline. Internet auctions are always open for business--letting you reach customers 24 hours a day, every day of the year. And it doesn't take big budgets or glitzy Madison Avenue marketing campaigns to make large profits through Internet auctions. It just takes know how.

In this book, Internet auction expert Nancy L. Hix leads you through a proven 7-step process for using Internet auctions to make repetitive sales of most any product. This book shows you how to find appropriate online auction sites, register, establish an account, and list auctions that attract bids. You will learn how to sell your current product line or liquidate overstock using Dutch auctions to save listing fees and attract multiple bidders. See how you can efficiently list and manage your products on multiple auctions from a single Web site. Learn the art of presenting items for sale in ways that are irresistible to potential bidders. Lastly, you will see how to deliver professional customer service in the Internet auction world to keep your customers coming back.

This book is not about having a garage sale online. It's strictly for businesses and entrepreneurs who want to sell their products in a structured, well-planned, repeatable way through this new and powerful marketing channel. Included with the book is your personal password necessary for accessing the companion Web site which provides up-to-the-minute Internet auction news, expanded information, and other helpful online marketing resources for Internet auction sellers.

The book will help you:

  • Increase sales of most any product.
  • Save time by efficiently managing multiple auction listings.
  • Maximize profits by identifying the best auction sites.
  • List products in a way that will attract more bidders.
  • Develop repeat customers through professtional customer service.




網路拍賣是新的線上市場!網路拍賣起初只是小型的線上跳蚤市場,但現在已經成為嚴肅的、完整的行銷渠道。各種類型的企業,從個人創業到像J.C. Penny和Sun Microsystems這樣的大公司,都親身經歷過網路拍賣可以帶來數百萬付費客戶的好處。例如,網路拍賣網站eBay每個月就有超過500萬名訪客!而這只是在網路上運作的300多個網路拍賣網站之一,這些網站由Yahoo!、Amazon和Priceline等知名品牌經營。網路拍賣全年無休,讓您每天24小時都能接觸到客戶。而且,要通過網路拍賣獲取巨額利潤並不需要龐大的預算或華麗的麥迪遜大道行銷活動,只需要知識。

在這本書中,網路拍賣專家Nancy L. Hix將帶領您通過一個已證實的七步流程,利用網路拍賣重複銷售幾乎任何產品。本書將向您展示如何找到適合的網路拍賣網站,註冊、建立帳戶並列出吸引競標的拍賣品。您將學習如何通過荷蘭拍賣方式銷售您的現有產品線或清理庫存,以節省上架費用並吸引多個競標者。了解如何從單一網站高效地列出和管理多個拍賣品。學習如何以不可抗拒的方式呈現待售物品,吸引潛在競標者。最後,您將了解如何在網路拍賣世界中提供專業的客戶服務,以保持客戶的回頭率。


- 增加幾乎任何產品的銷售額。
- 通過高效管理多個拍賣品上架節省時間。
- 通過識別最佳拍賣網站來最大化利潤。
- 以吸引更多競標者的方式列出產品。
- 通過專業的客戶服務建立回頭客。