Semiconductor Manufacturing Technology

Michael Quirk, Julian Serda




For the introductory course in Semiconductor Manufacturing Technology.

This text introduces the terminology, concepts, processes, products, and equipment commonly used in the manufacture of ultra-large-scale integrated (ULSI) semiconductors. The book provides helpful, up-to-date technical information about semiconductor manufacturing and strikes an effective balance between the process and equipment technology found in wafer fabrications.


Table of Contents:

 1. Introduction to the Semiconductor Industry. 

 2. Characteristics of Semiconductor Materials. 

 3. Device Technologies. 

 4. Silicon and Wafer Preparation. 

 5. Chemicals in Semiconductor Fabrication. 

 6. Contamination Controls in Wafer Fabs. 

 7. Metrology and Defect Inspection. 

 8. Gas Control in Process Chambers. 

 9. IC Fabrication Process Overview.

10. Oxidation.

11. Deposition.

12. Metallization.

13. Photolithography: Vapor Prime to Soft Bake.

14. Photolithography: Alignment and Exposure.

15. Photolithography: Photoresist Development and Advanced Lithography.

16. Etch.

17. Ion Implant.

18. Chemical Mechanical Planarization.

19. Wafer Test.

20. Assembly and Packaging.