Amazon Hacks: 100 Industrial-Strength Tips and Tools

Paul Bausch

  • 出版商: O'Reilly
  • 出版日期: 2003-09-09
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  • 語言: 英文
  • 頁數: 304
  • 裝訂: Paperback
  • ISBN: 0596005423
  • ISBN-13: 9780596005429
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Amazon Hacks is a collection of tips and tools for getting the most out of, whether you're an avid Amazon shopper, Amazon Associate developing your online storefront and honing your recommendations for better linking and more referral fees, seller listing your own products for sale on, or a programmer building your own application on the foundation provided by the rich Amazon Web Services API.

Shoppers will learn how to make the most of's deep functionality and become part of the Amazon community, maintain wishlists, tune recommendations, "share the love" with friends and family, etc. Amazon Associates will find tips for how best to list their titles, how to promote their offerings by fine tuning search criteria and related titles information, and even how to make their store fronts more attractive. And the real power users will use the Amazon API to build Amazon-enabled applications, create store fronts and populate them with items to be picked, packed and shipped by Amazon. And just about anyone can become a seller on, listing items, deciding on pricing, and fulfilling orders for products new and used.

Table of Contents




Chapter 1. Browsing and Searching
      1. Find a Product's ASIN
      2. Find a CD's ASIN with the UPC
      3. Jump to a Product Using Its ASIN
      4. Create Shorter URLs
      5. Link Directly to Product Images
      6. Switch to a Text-Only Amazon
      7. Take Amazon Anywhere
      8. Browse and Search Categories with Browse Nodes
      9. Power-Search for Books
      10. Search Amazon from the IE Address Bar
      11. Search Amazon from Any Web Page in IE
      12. Add an Amazon Sidebar Search to Mozilla

Chapter 2. Controlling Your Information
      13. Understand Identity at Amazon
      14. Fine-Tune Your Recommendations
      15. Enable 1-Click Buying
      16. Set Up a Group Account
      17. Create an "About You" Area
      18. Create a Wish List
      19. Add Items to a Wish List Remotely
      20. Add Multiple Items to a Wish List at Once
      21. Organize Your Wish List by Priority
      22. Set Email and Messages Preferences
      23. Get Movie Showtimes
      24. Create an Amazon Event Reminder
      25. Create Several Birthday Reminders at Once
      26. Best Practices for Your Amazon Account

Chapter 3. Participating in the Amazon Community
      27. Write a Review
      28. Link Directly to Reviews of a Product
      29. Post a Review from a Remote Site
      30. Add Pop-up Amazon Reviews to Your Web Site
      31. Send an Email Alert if a Review Is Added to a Product
      32. Sort Books by Average Customer Rating
      33. Sort Your Recommendations by Average Customer Rating
      34. Scrape Product Reviews
      35. Publish Your Amazon Reviews on Your Site
      36. Share the Love (and Savings!) with Your Friends
      37. Create a Guide
      38. Post a Guide Remotely
      39. Add Product Advice Remotely
      40. Scrape Customer Advice
      41. Create a Listmania! List
      42. Gather Your Friends on Amazon
      43. Gather Your Friends' Amazon IDs
      44. Get Purchase Circle Products with Screen Scraping
      45. Find Purchase Circles by Zip Code
      46. Track the Ranks of Books Over Time
      47. Group Conversations About Books
      48. Add a "Currently Reading" List to Your Web Site

Chapter 4. Selling Through Amazon
      49. Sell a Book with Amazon Marketplace
      50. Speed Up the Listing Process
      51. List Several Items for Sale at Once
      52. Sell What People Want
      53. Scope Out the Marketplace Competition
      54. List Your Items for Sale on Your Web Site
      55. Put an Item Up for Bid at Amazon Auctions
      56. Get (and Keep!) a Good Seller Rating
      57. Collect Donations from Your Web Site with the Honor System
      58. Show the Progress of Your Honor System Fund on Your Site

Chapter 5. Associates Program
      59. Build Associate Links
      60. Sell Items from Your Site
      61. Sell Items with Pop-up Windows
      62. Create Banner Ads for Your Site
      63. Rotate Through Several Keyword Banners on Your Site
      64. Add an Amazon Search Box to Your Site
      65. Show Amazon Search Results on Your Site
      66. Create an Online Store
      67. Donate to Charities Through Associate Links
      68. Format a Review for Your Site
      69. Create Amazon Associate Links on Your Movable Type Weblog
      70. Simplify Amazon Associate Links in Your Blosxom Weblog
      71. Add an Amazon Box to Your Site
      72. Deep Linking to Amazon's Mobile Device Pages
      73. Measure Your Associate Sales
      74. Publish Your Associate Sales Statistics on Your Site
      75. Associates Program Best Practices

Chapter 6. Amazon Web Services
      76. View XML Responses in a Browser
      77. Embed Product Details into a Web Page with PHP
      78. Program AWS with PHP
      79. Program AWS with Python
      80. Program AWS with Perl
      81. Loop Around the 10-Result Limit
      82. Program XML/HTTP with VBScript
      83. Transform AWS Results to HTML with XSLT
      84. Work Around Products Without Images
      85. Syndicate a List of Books with RSS
      86. Import Data Directly into Excel
      87. Program AWS with SOAP and VB.NET
      88. Program AWS with SOAP::Lite and Perl
      89. Program AWS with NuSOAP and PHP
      90. Create a Wireless Wish List
      91. Make Product Titles Shorter
      92. Encode Text for URLs
      93. Cache Amazon Images Locally
      94. Cache AWS Responses Locally
      95. Create an Amazon AIM Bot
      96. Compare International Sales
      97. Program AWS with Mozilla
      98. Search or Browse Amazon with Watson
      99. Add Cover Art to Your Digital Music Collection
      100. Using All Consuming's SOAP and REST Interfaces