Faster Smarter Web Page Creation

Mary Millhollon

  • 出版商: MicroSoft
  • 出版日期: 2002-12-13
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  • 貴賓價: 9.5$950
  • 語言: 英文
  • 頁數: 368
  • 裝訂: Paperback
  • ISBN: 0735618607
  • ISBN-13: 9780735618602
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Take charge of Web design and production—faster, smarter, better!

If you can use a computer, you can create a Web site—and this friendly, high-energy guide shows how to do it faster, smarter, and better. Dive in! Teach yourself exactly what you need to know using the quick lists, numbered steps, and helpful examples. Master Web production essentials—and move on to doing the cool things you want to do!

• Plan your Web page the way the experts do
• Learn how to produce and organize compelling content
• Get tips for orchestrating colors, backgrounds, and graphics
• Turn Microsoft® Word documents into Web pages
• Get your feet wet with basic HTML—code your own pages!
• Use Microsoft FrontPage® for advanced features and effects
• Go live! and learn tricks for keeping your site fresh


Table of Contents:

Acknowledgments vii
Introduction ix
In Part One, you'll learn about Web page creation and design, quell lingering feelings of doubt (yes—you can create Web pages), and acquire knowledge you can use to move forward with confidence. In these early chapters, you'll find all sorts of tips, tricks, and theory along with a wealth of online links to resources and examples. By the time you've finished reading Part One, you'll be ready to create the four Web sites described in Part Two.  
CHAPTER 1:   Demystifying Your (Future) Home Page 3
    The Internet—Just a Bunch of Hardware 4
    The Web—Some Software for the Hardware 4
    Web Pages—A Few Files on the Net 6
    From Your Head to the Web (and Back Again) 13
    Progressing at a Steady Clip 15
    Key Points 16
CHAPTER 2:   Creating and Shaping Web Text 17
    Readers' Approach to Online Pages 18
    Textual Elements of a Web Page 21
    Writing for the Web 25
    Key Points 36
CHAPTER 3:   Creating and Using Art on the Web 37
    Mechanics of Web Graphics 38
    The Art of Using Web Graphics 53
    Acquiring Art 59
    Key Points 68
CHAPTER 4:   Web Page and Web Site Design 69
    Audience Reigns Supreme 70
    Storyboarding Your Web Site 72
    Web Page Design Rules That Won't Let You Down 74
    Web Site Design Rules to Live By 94
    Case Study Practice 96
    Key Points 97
CHAPTER 5:   Stockpiling the Goods 99
    Internet Connectivity and Server Space 99
    Web Page Creation Tools 105
    A Bit about Browsers 115
    Key Points 118
CHAPTER 6:   Planning Your Attack 119
    Defining Your Goals 121
    Getting to Know Your Audience 121
    Drawing the Blueprints for Your Site 124
    Laying Your Home Page's Foundation 130
    Gathering Supplies and Preparing to Build 133
    Key Points 134
In Part Two, you'll find four project chapters designed to help you acquire some well-rounded, hands-on experience as you walk through the Web site creation process. As we're sure you've heard, never underestimate the value of hands-on experience! The chapters in this part are arranged progressively, from simplest to hardest, so you can ease your way into more advanced Web page creation tasks.  
CHAPTER 7:   Posting a Web Page Within an Hour (or So) 137
    Introducing Online Groups and Communities 138
    Getting Acquainted with MSN Groups 139
    Planning an MSN Groups Site 141
    Becoming an MSN Member with a .NET Passport 143
    Creating an MSN Groups Web Site 145
    Additional Resources 146
    Key Points 146
CHAPTER 8:   Demystifying Basic HTML 147
    Gathering Project "Supplies" 147
    Why HTML? 149
    HTML Basics 151
    Planning the HTML Site 159
    Getting Your Folders and Graphics in Place 161
    Preparing Your Home Page File 163
    Specifying the Background and Link Colors 165
    Creating a Table 167
    Inserting and Linking the Logo 170
    Inserting the Home Page Banner Graphic 173
    Adding Navigation Links 174
    Inserting Footer Information 177
    Copying the Home Page Framework to Subpages 181
    Inserting Body Text on the Home Page 186
    Inserting and Linking a Picture 195
    Finalizing the Home Page 195
    Using the Music Site's Framework as a Template 196
    Additional Resources 199
    Key Points 199
CHAPTER 9:   Creating Web Pages with Microsoft Word 201
    Gathering Project "Supplies" 202
    Introducing the Web Capabilities of Word 2002 203
    Planning Your Word 2002 Web Page 213
    Formatting a Text Document 215
    Following the Wizard's Lead 219
    Changing Background Colors 224
    Tweaking the Navigation Bar Settings 225
    Saving, Closing, and Reopening Your Site 227
    Creating and Inserting WordArt 228
    Working with Text and Adding Copyright Information 231
    Inserting Images 235
    Working with Hyperlinks 241
    Previewing Your Word-Generated Web Page 252
    Additional Resources 254
    Key Points 254
CHAPTER 10:   Creating Web Sites with FrontPage 255
    Introducing FrontPage: A Full-Featured HTML Editor 257
    Planning Your FrontPage Web Site 262
    Creating a New Web 265
    Creating the Subpage Layout 266
    Using the Subpage Layout to Build Web Pages 283
    Creating a Home Page in FrontPage 300
    Additional Resources 307
    Key Points 307
After you post your Web site, you should count on providing at least a small dose of continuing attention to it. Sure, you could slap any old Web page onto the Web and leave it there unattended, but your site would quickly grow dusty and probably wouldn't be revisited very often. To have a truly successful site, you need to tend to your Web pages every so often. The purpose of the Part Three chapters is to show you how to go live (get your pages online) and stay alive.  
CHAPTER 11:   Sending Your Web Pages into the Real World 311
    Transferring Your Files to the Internet 312
    Reviewing Your Work 327
    Registering with Search Engines and Directories 328
    Key Points 332
CHAPTER 12:   Updating, Archiving, and Moving On 333
    Updating Your Web Pages 333
    Archiving Web Page Elements 337
    Moving Beyond Basic Web Pages 338
    Key Points 342